Pine and Grieve 2×2 by @meredithlbl

Meredith & Martha are this weeks Haiku Community Reblog. @meredithlbl

Meredith's Reveries


Ronovan writes our haiku prompt. Write one or two! Enjoy poetry!

Martha and Meredith, 2 x 2, write haiku for Ronovan’s challenge.


Oh, Christmas Tree
Deep green conifer
lovely against pure, white snow
rue loss at Christmas?
Despair consumes him
reliving terrors of war
mourning loss of life.
green divider
by Meredith
No fancy coffin
Ornate design to hold clay
Turn mourning to joy
Woe for the children
must flee what is familiar
Brood in foreign land

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4 thoughts on “Pine and Grieve 2×2 by @meredithlbl

  1. Wonderful haiku poems. “Grief” is so straightforward, one does not have time to look away and ignore the realities. I have the same photograph taped into one of my journals – pretty much sums up the whole gambit of what is humanity.


  2. One cannot read Grief and see the photo without grieving.
    Most years we reuse a potted Norway Pine (houseplant) for our Christmas tree. We have watched our little tree grow into a fairly big tree now.


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