RonovanWrites 69th #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Challenge Review

Before we begin, make certain to visit each person you haven’t already. Not sure who you visited? It doesn’t take but a few seconds to click and find out. The links open in a new window, unless you have your device setup for one window only. Opening in a new window means you don’t have to find where you were when completed reading of a Haiku. Some great photography this week, some insights into each others worlds. I very much enjoyed this one, as I do them all, but although there were some similarities in these it wasn’t difficult to go through so many and enjoy each one.

Ronovan Write Haiku Poetry Review

New Offenders!

NEW! Michael Erb & Company: Heavenly Bound | Me and the Boss Poetry.  Three Haiku of a theme, at least there is one sort of to me. There is a GREAT photo used in conjunction with this. The contrast of colors, all vivid with the sunlight. Spring Hill, FL, United States Two nice old folks just hanging out, not hurting a bug or anything larger. The years have been kind to us and we now we are enjoying our golden years reading and writing. We are grateful for the God given talents that we now use to help others. “ More on the About page, including mention of over 200o photos.  

NEW! Tolulope Sanusi: Opened Eye | rubys polaroid. Excellent first entry into our community here. Be sure to visit and encourage. “My blog is a collection of pictures of my world as seen through my lens and how i see it should be captured, pictures of the urban areas, people going about life, tucked away places that the busy world flashes past.”   Only a small bit of the “Peep In” page.  

First to Offend this Week!

Sue Vincent (Author):  Freedom | Daily Echo. This Haiku has garnered a great deal of  response and enjoyment. I often mention the photography of our challenge community but this particular photo especially shows an eye and talent.  Click the Author link for Sue at Amazon and her many books. @SCVincent

Annette Rochelle Aben (Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host): A Haiku Perspective 2015 by Annette Rochelle AbenInspiration to Perspiration to Inspiration | Annette Rochelle Aben. Anyone knowing of recent events and especially perhaps a certain release by Annette will appreciate her Haiku this week and the title, although that Perspiration part is stretching it a tad bit much. Click the image for the story and the great purpose behind her endeavor.  Check out Annette’s books at the Author link above and her Radio Show at the Host link. @YouAreTheExpert

Mira: (2 Links) My Mind | They, You And Me. She was so nice to write a Haiku about me!!! Sigh, if only. So sad for me. Heart and mind | To Wear a Rainbow.  Mira wrote an ad for the challenge this week. She captures one reason to write a Haiku. Some of you will undoubtedly say it’s the only reason I do. @BediMona

TJ Paris: Monday Haiku Mind |La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin. Three poems with excellent photography. Good use of photo and editing techniques. @Roccoco_a_GoGo

jazzytower: Follow the Whim | Thoughts and Entanglements. Letting the words fall where they may.

Clarence:(2 this week.) Fading Colors | PrarieChat. He turned a phrase here I keep going to. I will need to try and remember it for a future date.  Breaking Rules. I have half a mind to disqualify this one.

Alice: Deepening your language skills | Boomerang Zone. After reading this one it occurs to me how educational Haiku can be. Using synonyms and counting syllables. Also forming two sentences with three lines of poetry. Cool. @Vidocq_CC

Meredith & Martha: Haiku/Poetry by Meredith and Using the Noggin/Emotional Outpouring by Martha | Meredith’s Musings. Meredith, in her introduction to her and Martha’s Literary Angels offerings this week, gives the reason I don’t do an Opening Haiku now and wait to put out my own Haiku, although Mondays get good clicks. As for the Haiku this week? Meredith’s are great advertising for the Challenge, and I seriously mean that. I may actually use them as such if she is okay with it. And Martha’s do the same. With Emotional Outpouring being the more, I guess you would say, poetic of the bunch as far as all the emotional outpourings we do. @Meredithlbl

Elusive: Haiku-Mind | Elusive Trope. I at first thought the title was a display of the prompt words, but no. The challenge has turned in to a reason for doing Haiku Poetry on a Monday. I hadn’t even thought of it going in that direction.

Lizl: Change of Season | Quilted Poetry. The explanation going with this one is not only well written, in a poetic way, not rhyming or anything like that, but also captures the peaceful sense of nature Haiku should capture when done in the truest way.

Judy: Tortured Soul | Edwina’s Episodes. Poor Judy is participating in National Novel Writing Month but still took part in the challenge. Her piece this week speaks to NaNoWriMo just as much as it does to the Haiku Challenge. @EdwinasEpisodes

Kat: I Wrote a Haiku | like mercury colliding. Foggy lady is funny lady.

Nato of Window of Poetry | Chasing Life and Finding Dreams.  Michelle explains what or how Haiku comes about for her.  Visit Michelle Lunato Photography as well. @MichelleLunato

Sandra: Sharp | Wild Daffodil. I think this is Sandra’s best combining of the two challenges she does.  And I agree with her Haiku. When you visit you’ll see what I mean by Make the Most of Your Post.

Ritu: Haiku Form, Haiku Tax, and Haiku Class | But I Smile Anyway. That’s three Haiku. Now for me to read them. She tells it like it is. This is exactly what Haiku does. @PhantomGiggler

Greg: Nature’s Poetry | Potholes in the Road of Life. Well, I think you kind of get what it’s about from the title he gave it. @greg_wolford

Steven: Hanami and Washi | Ramblings of a Drabbling Mind. You know when you visit Steven you’re going to find something interesting. This week Hanami is the traditional Haiku with a very imagery filled piece, and Washi is the experimental piece which is just as imagery filled and amazingly easy to read. I think he nailed that one for even this concussed minded fool is able to understand.

Jen (JK): Contemplate | The Secret Keeper. That last line is a thinky link. Wrapping around it a bit. The image used is excellent and is  by Phantomphreaq at @occultguardian

Tessa: The Haiku Mind | Writing is my life. Tessa tells us how her mind works to form a Haiku. I’m glad she popped in for this one. Crazy, man, Crazy.

VronLacroix: Harmonic Haiku | Simply Shanpshots. Oh wow, this one is kind of sticking in my head. I so need to go to the next one.

denis: free to roam | Haiku hound. We get a visit by Denis’ friend Charlie this Charlie Afghan Hound Denis of HaikuHoundweek, a beautiful young lady, although from this image you only get one side of her. Click the link to see her other side.




Al: Haiku on my Mind! | Al the Author’s Blog. Five Haiku this week. Um, I’m not even going to get in to it. You go and lose your mind on your own. Good luck. @AlistairLane

Elizabeth: ill monday | Tea & Paper. The ultimate sacrifice is discussed here. Some appreciation needs to be shown.  @teandpaper

AC Elliott Calming the Beast | File Cabinet Ramblings  We get the benefits of Haiku from AC. I was concerned this was going to be a spouse joke but … phew. @elliott_ac

Ronovan Behave | RonovanWrites. You know I don’t know how to behave. I went a little bit deeper with my usual emotional reveal this week. Well in the wording of and the complex sentence structure. It may look simple but some words had to be rearranged several times to get what I wanted. @RonovanWrites

Pat B.: Defined Refined | A season and a time. The two definitions of Haiku. I think they are most appropriate.  Pat is one of our Blogger blogs. So she visits us, not from WordPress. I like that. Crossing platforms and consistently so. Her participation, I feel, opens our challenge and community to others.

Annie: Haiku Is For You | Gentle Kindness. Um, that’s the title I could come up with. I lost count in the number of Haiku written. Go on over yonder and y’all see what I mean.

D.B. Mauldin (Author): What it is | mama bear musings. More definitions and understandings of what Haiku is all about. As well as what it does for a person intellectually and emotionally. Check out the Author link for offerings on Amazon and click HERE for the About page links to other online distribution such as Smashwords.

Olga: Haiku and Mind(ful) | Stuff and what if. I wanted to share the image used for this one. It was a team effort. A spin taken on a suggestion from her daughter. The end result is simplistic, Haiku, and very beautiful to observe. In other words it’s a Haiku in it’s own form.

Swatiu: Entertaining Thoughts | imgrowing. Okay, I have to admit I don’t quite get this one. That first line? Well I do have one thought as to why that first line. But I am certain every visitor will saw “awwww” as soon as they click over. She may have figured out one of my soft spots.

Steven S. Walsky (Author): A Barista’s Conundrm | Simplicity Lane. I am wondering if we’re getting a glimpse inside the life of Steven. And the exchange with Clarence in comments was entertaining.  Click the Author link above to go to Steven’s blog where you will find all the available places for each book. He’s varied.

Marje: Haiku’s on My Mind/Haiku Mind Games/No Impossibles/Reach Your Starry Dreams | Kyrosmagica. Yes, that’s four Haiku from our blog breaking friend. On a break but she decided to combine several challenges into one, two of them being mine and the other being Colleens’. Of Course Colleen is on a moving break. Now a waiting for wifi break. @Marjorie_Mallon

R. Todd: In the Mind… | A Flash of Fiction. Well, I have to say, he’s got a point. And I also want to say I like the formatting of the post layout of the text. Mainly how he notes the challenge name. Different and almost out of the line of sight. Yes, I want the challenge to be promoted so as many people are visited as possible, but I also have this thing about having it promoted. I’m a bit Haiku Minded on the issue.

Dr. Kottaway: Clear Mind | KO Rural Mad As Hell Blog. I am enjoying seeing how Haiku is thought of by each person. Each person has the same general idea and result in regards to what it does. Awesome.

J Lapis:   Caution: Haiku Mind At Work | DarkLight Harbor. The Haiku mind does make one scale down thoughts and emotions to the bare bone.

Ruby Manchanda: A haiku takes shape | Whispering Thoughts. Um, yeah, the title sort of explains it. Made it kind of easy on me. Another of our Blogger blog friends.

Jane Dougherty (Author): Gems Inspired | Jane Dougherty Writes. Do you ever visit some of the Haiku and wonder how people are able to put these words together and even think in words such as they use? I feel so common at times. Check out Jane’s books on Amazon at the Author link above. @MJDougherty33

Janice: Burning Aztec Soul | Ontheland. A cool lesson this week. Not so much a lesson lesson but something learned in a pleasant visual sort of way.  @ontheland1

Daniel Schwamm: Lively Words | Musing Life’s Mysteries. I enjoyed this one a lot. I think he makes an excellent point. There is something about poetry in so few words.

Becky G: Rhymed her Mind | Becky G? Oh, that’s me! Did my title for her Haiku give it away?

Vashti Quiroz-Vega (Author): Haiku | The Writer Next Door. Vashti decided to go where no Vashti has gone before and back again. Check out Vashti on Amazon at the Author link above and you can see her interview by clicking HERE. @VashtiQV

Nagrij or (Greg Pierce) yeah, I snooped. (Author): Frustration | Nagrij Writes the Hits You Never Knew Existed.  Um, I think I limited with my words this week. I didn’t think I did really. You can check out the list of books on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.

E. Rawls (Author):  A Turkey’s Plea/A Haiku is… | Rawls E. Fantasy. Humor (Or Maybe Not) and ferrizzle. I spelled that with an fer not fur to respect the first Haiku message. Although Thanksgiving is called Gobble Day for a reason. O,O Dun Dun Dun. Check out Bleeding Hearts, a collection of short stories, poems, and riddles, at Elizabeth’s Author page on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.  @VChronicles_

Florence: Don’t Mind It | Meanings And Musings. Florence shows us how Haiku works. That or she’s telling me it’s okay I don’t behave. Muahahahahaha. Okay, I know it wasn’t that funny, but I’ve been behaving during this review. @FTThum

Juliette: Keep Looking | Battered Wife seeking Better Life. I think she’s right. Our Haiku does tell us something. Especially if they come easily. @BWseeingBL

Melissa: A Short and Sharp Haiku | The Aran Artisan. Sometimes it does work this way. Once you begin doing Haiku and do it with a nature them, as we should but sometimes have fun in other ways, you begin to see Haiku everywhere.



Ronovan HesterRonovan Hester is an author, with his debut historical adventure novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling due out in December of 2015. He shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer through his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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  1. Great reviews Ron… I think it took me a good half an hour to get through all the entries!!! Is it me or was there a heck of a lot of us this week?
    As always, looking forward to tomorrow’s prompts!!!

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