THE BIG RED CUP-A #BeWoW post. Kind of.

I felt a need to share today. #BeWoW, Writer’s Quote Wednesday #LinkYourLife? Whatever you choose. This really has nothing to do with those link shares I’m involved with that normally go out today. But it can apply.

Today I want to talk about the most idiotic thing ever. THE BIG RED CUP.

There are some vocal people out there who like to get their voices heard either through social media or actual media. So what do they do? Go after anything they can to be heard. Some even think this is doing some good. They are proud of themselves.

What does that do?

Makes them look, I’m trying not to say idiotic, they look like some ill informed fanatic and makes those loosely associated with them by a word be hated and ridiculed. When the truth is, the behavior of said people is about as stupid as it gets and does nothing to represent those who do truly live and act according to what is being spoken about.

I’m a Christian. Full blown, full force, faith believing, Bible thumpin’, Christian. But I could care less what a stimulant addict pusher does with their cups to push more of their product during the upcoming various holiday seasons. Christmas season in particular.

Don’t like the red cup with no pretty snowflakes and snowmen that have nothing to do with Christmas, then don’t buy Starbucks. But if you really care about your faith, your belief in Jesus that much then you may want to examine where you are spending your money in every way. Where is your money going? Who and what are you supporting by spending that money wherever you spend it?

But back to my rant. I hope that those reading my blog get a good idea of how a true Christian should act, or at least MY opinion of what one should be.

  • I share my faith at times.
  • I share my faith through all I say and do by not crossing certain lines I have set.
  • I try to maintain who I am at all times and what I believe.
  • I treat everyone the same, regardless of their beliefs. It’s your beliefs, not necessarily mine, so it isn’t bothering me.
  • I am honest in all I do here on my blog and other communications. It makes things so much easier in life. You ask, I tell. If you don’t want the truth, don’t ask. But I do answer in a nice way.
  • I respect everyone that shows up here.
  • I don’t force anything I believe on anyone.

Those of you out there who do more yelling about Red Cups and not even whispering about God and Jesus, I think you lost your priorities.

  • What are you representing?
  • Who are you representing? Support who supports you and your beliefs.
  • Do you know how much money Christians have? Do you know how much they should act what they preach
  • Do you think Christians shouldn’t support pornography? Do you purchase anything at a business that sells it behind the counter? Do you got to movies that have nudity and awkward scenes in it?

So which is worse?

Your yelling about a Red Cup and disgracing the teachings of Jesus Christ?


Your disgracing the teachings of Jesus Christ by supporting other business endeavors that are blatantly against those teachings?

Or is it both?

My Writer’s Quote Wednesday this week on Colleen Chesebro’s blog is about Character. I had no idea I would be doing this particular post here today. But I’m going to share that quote here as well. If you would like to read what I originally said about the quote, click the link above.

Mark Twain on Character

To all of you that have seen the negativity about how Christians are reacting to the Starbucks issue, ignore it. The way a true Christian handles something like this is to simply not buy the coffee, if they even consider this a true attack on Christmas. Which I don’t believe it is. Personally, I think it’s cheaper to use a plain red cup than to put all those designs on it. And you can always use any leftover after the holidays. To me it’s economical. And if you know me, you know I wouldn’t say something like that about something that I truly believe was wrong in some way. I would have just left it at the don’t buy it part.

So please, any non-Christian readers, any on the fence about becoming a Christian readers, don’t let squeaky wheels sway you away from what Jesus says about how to treat things that are not willing to listen to his teachings.

If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.“-Jesus Christ, Matthew 10:14 NIV

Much Respect and Much Love,


Ronovan Hester is an author, with his debut historical adventure novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling due out in December of 2015. He shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer through his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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24 thoughts on “THE BIG RED CUP-A #BeWoW post. Kind of.

  1. I really appreciate you, Ron, and that you take a bold strong stand for JESUS. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I don’t have to worry about this, I guess. I find that I’m growing bolder as I get older–so that’s worth a Hallelujah, right!! God bless you most abundantly, your sister-in-Christ, Jael


  2. I have to say that I like your courage of conviction, and that in essence, you’re taking a moment to take a public stand against the ridiculousness of taking a public stand on this red cup business. My brother, Haines, had a saying I love and an inimitable way with delivery: he’d simply say as a matter of course, “Never subscribe to other people’s insanity.” Your post is fully realized and you make a valid point. Sometimes I watch the national news and am baffled by the things people get stirred up about; seems to me too many are looking for a cause in all the wrong places. I like the dignity with which you carry your faith. It says, to me, just know who you are. Nice read from you on this fine day. Good morning to you from California!


  3. I find the whole Starbuck’s red cup controversy quite odd considering that the Republican party (which is attempting to corral the Christian vote) is known as the “red” party. Why aren’t they being asked to change colors? Why isn’t that a debate question? ; )

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amen! I am Christian woman and feel like we should respect other religions too. I may not understand all their different beliefs so how can I judge them? As a matter of fact, I just started dating a Jewish man. It is very interesting to study the word together and teach each other about what we both believe. As for the cups, I really don’t understand what everyone is so traumatized about. If you don’t like their marketing decisions, don’t buy their products. Simple. But, I will say that Starbucks has always seemed very supportive of the military and great to their employees. Not sure what their religious beliefs are but they seem to walk the walk via their actions, so I don’t think I really care about a cup. Great post.

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