Can you tell me what this is? Son needs help with Project.

Steven S. Walksy of Simplicity Lane found it!!!!!

 Elijah McCoy's Lubricator Cup for Steam Engines

I would need a link if possible. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!

23 thoughts on “Can you tell me what this is? Son needs help with Project.

    • The image is from a piece of paper my son was given. It looks like movable parts, as best as I can tell. He was studying history along with typewriter, phonograph, and telephone. But he didn’t study the microscope so it shouldn’t be that. And I don’t see a spot for a plate or viewing.

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  1. Wow, that was nice. Now maybe someone can help me figure out why my like button works only in my reader. It’s been driving me crazy and wordpress is no help…..Ron, you can start a help segment::))

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        • I’ve seen that problem in the past and it sometimes is not being able to hit the like button just right because of the small screen. There were times when some of us would end up unfollowing blogs when we went to like a post. But I’ll see if I can snoop around and find anything.


  2. Thats amazing, a lubricator cup for steam engines. Clearly an expert committee took many years to come up with not only the final product but also the name. What is more amazing is Steve actually finding it!!

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