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Some of you may wonder why I don’t comment all the time on your Haiku posts. Sometimes I would end up saying the same thing twice, therefore I keep the comments for the review. You may also notice I don’t click like on your link comment in the Challenge post or on your blog post until the weekends normally. The like is my way of knowing I have put you in the review. I’ve read your Haiku before that.

Thank you for so many checking their ping backs.

Haiku Review 73

These are LINKS this week except for the NEW people. Issues beyond my control make it a bit difficult to focus on being anywhere near witty in commenting.

New Offenders!

NEW! Linda Lee: Shades of the Rainbow | Heal My Complex PTSD. The Haiku is in the comments of the challenge post and the Shades of the Rainbow link will take you there while the Heal My Complex PTSD will take you to her actual blog, click the blog link for a Brief History of Linda. @LadyQuixote

NEW! Wesley Hollifield: Snap Worthy | NearlyWes. A first Haiku Challenge that did not suck. I know you are wondering what I mean by that, you’ll need to go find out what I mean. “My name is still Wesley Pell Hollifield, I know right, shocker! I tried to get my legal name changed to Ash because I like to be the very best, but the court was all ‘That’s a bad joke’ and I was yelling ‘YOU JUST DON’T KNOW FUNNY!’” To find out the entire story, click HERE.

NEW! Geetha Prodhom: Shaking skies ink black | Geetha Balvannanathan’s Blog. OOOoooOOOo. A nature Haiku with that last night a very nice use of words. “I write because I mainly see beauty in the world and it touches me so much that I wish to express the feelings it generates but I also write from experiences I have gone through and ugly happenings I have witnessed for others and that too generates its own set of emotions which I then try to release through the same medium. I hope this blog brings a blend of all of this to those who wish to read it so that they may see the beauty and revel in it as well as see the ugliness and give some thought to what creates it.”  For the rest of the story click HERE

NEW! Ken G.: Two Sides of the Same Season | RIVRVLOGR. Two nature Haiku telling the flip sides of the winter season. Ken is brought to us through the viewing pleasure of Jane Dougherty’s entries.  “Retired, then transplanted from Western New York to Missouri, I find myself missing familiar sights, but remind myself that familiarity is a state of mind.” Click HERE for more.

NEW! Mark Schutter: BLACK and WHITE | Maleko’s Art. An interesting piece. It could describe so many things. Nature, art, humanity. You name it and this would cover it. I want to say Mark participated with us quite some time ago but I’ll reintroduce him here. “I am an artist attempting to capture a moment that may offer a fleeting glimpse of transcendence pulling back the curtain that often hides the beauty, the mystery, the peace, the mercy and love that we all crave.” A lot more HERE. I dare you, you’ll be surprised. @MWSchutter

First to Offend this Week!

Prakash: Moonlight Night | Its PH. Don’t blame Prakash for the title if it doesn’t fit the Haiku, it was my doing. Romance in the sea air with this one. @itsPHTweet

Annette Rochelle Aben (Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host): A Haiku Perspective 2015 by Annette Rochelle AbenChristmas Landing | Annette Rochelle Aben. Click the image for the story and the great purpose behind her endeavor.  Check out Annette’s books at the Author link above and her Radio Show at the Host link. @YouAreTheExpert

Tessa: The Chase | Writing is my life.

Michael Erb & Company: Lost in Translation | Me and the Boss Poetry

Meredith & Martha: Black and White/Cleansed by Meredith and Spiritual Healing/Rascal by Martha | Meredith’s Musings @Meredithlbl

Shida: Sight | 876LoveR. @realrebel_r

Steven S. Walsky (Author): Nature Confused | Simplicity Lane Click the Author link above to go to Steven’s blog where you will find all the available places for each book. He’s varied.

Greg: Shades of Gray | Potholes in the Road of Life@greg_wolford

Clarence: Definitions | PrarieChat.

Dorn Simon-Sinnott: When Daylight Appears | The Writer Behind DornDryad’s Blog.

Ritu: The Same/Cleansing/Glasss | But I Smile Anyway. . @PhantomGiggler

Judy: The final frontier | Edwina’s Episodes. . @EdwinasEpisodes

Willow: Not Quite Right | willowdot21 (An insight to a heart mind and soul.)

Kat: Simply Not … BAA! | like mercury colliding.

Peter Bouchier: Missing | Wherever I lay my pen, that’s my home.

Alice: Masked| Boomerang Zone@Vidocq_CC

Jen (JK): TObsidian Eyes/Haunting Echoes/Ghost’s Shroud | The Secret Keeper@occultguardian

TJ Paris: Black and White |La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin@Roccoco_a_GoGo

Scott Bailey (AUTHOR): Between the Lines | thehouseofbailey. Mankind Limited by Scott Bailey  As you may notice Scott is an Author, by clicking HERE or the AUTHOR link above you may visit his UK Amazon author page. Click the IMAGE for 


Sue Vincent (Author):  Shadowed | Daily Echo.   Click the Author link for Sue at Amazon and her many books. @SCVincent

jazzytower (PR): Invasion | Thoughts and Entanglements

JustMaria: Duality | Doodles and Scribbles.   

Patricia: Played On | A season and a time.

Sandra: Movement | Wild Daffodil.

Lizl: (2 Links) Evening Breezes | Quilted Poetry. AND Partly Cloudy

Janice: Truth/Melancholy/Black Mark | Ontheland.   @ontheland1

denis: been fishing | Haiku hound

Al: The Dance  | A Certain Point of View. AND  Base Elements @AlistairLane,

Florence: Off Key  | Meanings And Musings.  @FTThum

Sarina Rather | Shining Seeds A Haiku I believe in the vein of the theme this week of so many toward those in need.  @shiningseeds

Carol Campbell: Contrast | WritersDream9.  

Elusive: (2 Links) After I Left You | Elusive Trope.  AND After I Left You Again.

Olga: Heavens Above! | Stuff and what if.

Claudette: Perception | to search and to find.

Christine Randall: Imagination | Christine R (Trying to keep the brain cells alive.)  Also visit her Author site, CJRANDALL.COM.  

Mira: (2 Links) black not white | They, You And Me. AND life | To Wear a Rainbow. @BediMona

Dr. Kottaway: Shades | KO Rural Mad As Hell Blog. Also be sure to visit another post, the problem with angels.

D.B. Mauldin (Author): This and That | mama bear musingsCheck out the Author link for offerings on Amazon and click HERE for the About page links to other online distribution such as Smashwords.

VronLacroix: November fog | Simply shots.

Jane Dougherty (Author): Nature Captures Attention | Jane Dougherty WritesCheck out Jane’s books on Amazon at the Author link above.

Colleen Chesebro: Love is Golden | Silver Threading.  @ColleenChesebro

Vashti Quiroz-Vega (Author): Black & White | The Writer Next DoorCheck out Vashti on Amazon at the Author link above and you can see her interview by clicking HERE. @VashtiQV

H. M. Goodchild (Author): Three for One | Folksong and FantasyH. M. Goodchild is found on Amazon as Harriet Goodchild, yes, we have another author joining us. Click the Author link above to go to her Amazon Author page. 

Nagrij or (Greg Pierce). (Author): The press | Nagrij Writes the Hits You Never Knew Existed.   You can check out the list of books on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.

Tolulope Sanusi: Monochrome | rubys polaroid 

Melissa: Movement | The Aran Artisan.  @TheAranArtisan

Becky G: The Memory | Becky G? Oh, that’s me!

E. Rawls (Author):  Found Note/Stealth | Rawls E. FantasyCheck out Bleeding Hearts, a collection of short stories, poems, and riddles, at Elizabeth’s Author page on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.  @VChronicles_

Cousin Kathy: Bright not Bland | Becky G? Oh, that’s me!

Nato: MPeace Starts With You | Chasing Life and Finding Dreams.   Visit Michelle Lunato Photography as well. @MichelleLunato

Khor Hui Min: Black or White | Project Prose.  @MinKhor

R. Todd: Black/White | A Flash of Fiction.   @psibrone

Ronovan HesterRonovan Hester is an author, with his debut historical adventure novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling due out in December of 2015. He shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer through his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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10 thoughts on “RonovanWrites 73rd #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Challenge LINKS

  1. I worry about you when I note limited comments and no Ronovan Haiku. I know how much you enjoy these things and hope that you are not having headaches. I spent years battling them, some requiring hospitalization. It cost me jobs and a marriage. Then as quickly as they started they ended. Wish I could tell you how I got healed, but know that it does happen. Wishing you a stress and pain free week!

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  2. Thanks for all you do, Ron, to bring everyone together. I appreciate the review, you are always encouraging. And I get to take the time to visit all the blogs, read each entry and share the words of talented writers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Admittedly, I know I almost missed the cut off for this. But, hey, got it in by the skin of my.. seriously, has anyone else ever thought about how disgusting it is to have skin on your teeth?

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