Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt #4 Entries: THE LINKS

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The order appearing is the order in which the entry was received.

The Writers with The Links

The Escalator
by Clarence Holm (PrairieChat)
Clarence takes a trip back in time to a day out with his mother. From the comments left as of this review, he captured exactly the right feel. Memories abound for the readers.

Ice Cream Tummy Aches
by Kat Myrman (like mercury colliding)
This one gives attention to an all too common part of society. Memories will come flooding in for some, while others reading need comprehend and apply what they discover here.

It’s Not Happening
by Ritu Bhathal (But I Smile Anyway)
Much like Kat in the previous entry, Ritu takes a similar subject and approaches it from a different angle. This one is also very common and parents need to read this and understand it. Children all over the world react this way every day and carry these traits into adulthood.

Judy and John: Part 4-The Hospital Under Siege
by Teresa Smeigh (Writing is my Life)
Tessa continues her series with our couple in more uncomfortable moments than the title suggests.

by Carol Campbell (WritersDream9)
Carol goes extreme with keeping her piece under 100 words. A story of the inner turmoil of a woman betrayed represented by the world around her. A very nice story idea.

by Melissa Barker-Simpson (Author Blog)
What has this woman gotten herself into? Will you figure it out before times up?

by Jane Dougherty (Jane Dougherty Writes)
Corcodiles, stags, and magpies all in a row. What brings the smile to a little boy’s face?

Double Standards
by Janni Styles (JanniStyles1)
You know, I witness this type of thing in my own home. I observe and have begun to point out the times it does happen.

Button Holed
by Melinda Kucsera
A scene from the world Melinda’s created. Also part of an advent series she is doing. I think you’ll want to read the other parts after this one.

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