Childhood Treasures by @Roccoco_a_GoGo

I loved this post for what all it shares. The memories and the photograph. Click through and check it all out and support his post. @Roccoco_a_GoGo

One reason I liked it is because my parents sold pretty much every toy I had. I only have maybe 3 or 4 things from when I was a kid. Having amnesia, it would be nice to have more things to maybe try and bring back some of those memories. Not having physical things with attachments to them to see and touch is a bit sad at times. Maybe a lot of times.

Life is too short to drink bad wine

Nostalgia A collection of my past or suggestions of childhood rest on this old suitcase.

My childhood swimming

In Memory’s vast ocean

Unclear in the depths


La duchesse d’Erat has introduced a weekly challenge and has suggested a list of your Childhood Treasures; A toy, a smell, a Proustian madeleine,something from the school playground, or maybe a crazy laugh.

I found thinking back on my childhood to identify treasures very difficult. I was very blessed to have a magical childhood so to extricate 6 treasures from it is difficult. To objectify a time is difficult in itself but when childhood to me remains more of feelings and emotions than events or items it becomes even harder.

I collected a few items around the house which do remind me of some treasured memories and share them below.

List of my Childhood Treasures

1/ My first teddy bear…

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One thought on “Childhood Treasures by @Roccoco_a_GoGo

  1. Love this! I felt as though I had known this excitement. You have more than simply the treasures, for you have those delightful, heart-felt memories. ❤


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