“…the heart explodes into a lifelong dance.”

You discover a quote in the oddest of places. Bret “The Hitman” Hart is a former professional wrestler and author from Canada. He rose to fame in what is now known as the WWE. He was around during and after the time of the likes of Hulk Hogan and Randy “The Macho Man” Savage. He was even chosen by Andre the Giant to wrestle the headline match on a stop of a European tour. This was a sign of respect by the big man.

Recently Hart announced he was battling prostate cancer. He’s had a lot of hard knocks over the past decade or two. His brother, Owen, died in the wrestling ring from a, I’ll just go ahead and say it, stupid gimmick stunt used to give the fans a thrill in the WWE. It wasn’t his brother’s idea. Then he suffers a stroke. Now this. In his announcement he said the following.

Mark Helprin wrote: “We are all perfect clocks that Divinity has set to ticking when, even before birth, the heart explodes into a lifelong dance.” I’ve had a great lifelong dance and I’m a survivor of many hard battles.-Bret Hart.

Of course, I had to go find out who Mark Helprin is. He’s a writer born in Manhattan into an entertainment family. Now he lives on a large farm that he actually works himself.

One thing that brought attention to Helprin was his stance on copyrights of an author. Pretty much he believes it should extend as far as Congress can make it go. Apparently, bloggers hit back at him for this. I’m wondering exactly what his wording was, or who these bloggers were. Even I, as a blogger, want my work protected, whatever work there may be.

The quote is a bit out there in some part. It comes from the book Memoir from Antproof Case. A book with a 3.97 rating on Goodreads out of over 2,ooo reviews. The book sounds like it covers every possible experience wrapped up in one man’s life.

It just goes to show you not to stereotype people. Bret Hart delivered this quote to a ton of people. Lots of us grew up watching him. He’s a legend of the wrestling entertainment industry, and not because he had a loud mouth or wild character. He could actually wrestler and do his job.

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9 thoughts on ““…the heart explodes into a lifelong dance.”

  1. Ron, I just love the imagery of our life being a “dance.” There is some symbolism there that really resonates with me. Interesting about the copyright issue. I agree with you. We should have our words protected. Just because we choose to share our words they still belong to us. ❤

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