Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt #14 Entries: THE #LINKS

I wasn’t going to do MUST READs this week, I mean most are must reads already. Then I read one that I could not ignore or pass by. Timely and for a writer this one hits home. Make sure not to skip it. We had everything from humor to death, and drama to suspense. Two new members joining in, and good storytellers at that.

A Must Read designation does NOT mean an entry is necessarily better than the other entries. It means that entry clicked with me in some way in that moment I read it.

The order appearing is the order in which the entry was received.

GL below stands for the reading Grade Level. Harry Potter is a GL of around 5. Tolkien is around GL 6.5. Passive Sentence percentage is included as Active Sentences are considered the preferred form of writing by most editors and publishers. Active moves the story along. Passive is not always bad. Sometimes a story works that way, perhaps through the language of a person or the type of story. Even then, keep the percentage low.

The Writers with The Links

The Prompt for the Challenge was:

You’ve just been handed a message that makes you drop to the floor, trembling uncontrollably.

  • No more than a Word Count of 600. (SUGGESTED)
  • Using the above scenario, create a scene of what the note is about, and why it makes you react the way you do. (REQUIRED)
  • No external dialogue for this scene. (SUGGESTED)


Damean Mathews (Writing Is Life)
A family saga in few words. 686 words, 6.4 GL, and 5% passive sentence structure.
“My name is Damean Mathews. I an author with an immense love of the written word. This blog is here to help aspiring authors in their craft. I plan on giving as many tips as possible, sharing my own examples and experiences, and posting some of my work in order to get feedback and help give examples of various stages of work, etc. I am five times published in the Clinch Mountain Review and Jimson Weed, and due to my work in the Jimson Weed I served as Managing Editor for two and a half years, one of which was also spent as Head News Writer for the Highland Cavalier…[Click for more interesting information].” @MathewsMarvels

Messaged Received
Bré Sanchez (Writings of a Single Girl)
Not sure if this is part of an ongoing or not, but it has a lot of potential. Hooked in 345 words. 1.9 GL (Seems like higher.), 0% passive sentence structure.
“Single girl in her 20’s(ish), living in Dublin, sharing her thoughts and experiences.” @singleGRLbrain

Tonight You Die
TJ Paris (La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin)
To let the cat out of the bag or knot? Knot. Go and check it. You know TJ comes through with entertainment each week. 178 words, 5.1 GL, and 5% passive sentence structure. @Roccoco_a_GoGo

Just Friends (Part 4 or Jelly Legs)
Ritu (But I Smile Anyway…)
In the throws of guilt, embarrassment, and general day after insanity, Lara receives a message from the last person she expected. 696 words, 6.9 GL, and 0% passive sentence structure. @PhantomGiggler

Just a Little Slip
Teresa Smeigh (Writing is my Life)
A surprise awaits from a captured soldier and a family reunion. 811 words, 4.4 GL, and 4% passive sentence structure. @TeresaSmeigh

The Note – A Case for Sarah Bradley
KL Kaley (new2writing)
A police officer is up for a promotion when she receives an envelope with something inside that sends her reeling. 637 words, 4.3 GL, and 1% passive sentence structure.

Harper Lee is Dead…
MUST READ Bill Engleson (Writings)
A powerful inner turmoil and realization or disturbance. Depending on the reader, this story may bring about different feelings. 592 words, 4.2 GL, and 0% passive sentence structure. @billmelaterplea

A Child Remembers
Neel Panicker (NeelWritesBlog)
Trigger Warnings in this one for anyone with adult to child situation history. The story does get across the damage something like this does to a child mentally and emotionally. 654 words, 7.8 GL, and 0% passive sentence structure. @PanickerNeel

Jane Dougherty (Jane Dougherty Writes)
Another side of a story, one we sometimes don’t consider in our own actions. 406 words, 4.8 GL, and 0% passive sentence structure. @MJDougherty33

The Letter
Kat Myrman (like mercury colliding…)
Great story. Kat gives just enough and you can decide the meaning at the end. I think she writes that last part so well you must know the answer, but maybe I’m wrong. Kat can write! 422 words, 3.1 GL, and 4% passive sentence structure. @kat_myrman

Athling (A Writer’s Life)
What do you do, what do you think when that times comes? 287 words, 3.7 GL, and 3% passive sentence structure.

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10 thoughts on “Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt #14 Entries: THE #LINKS

  1. Ok so I couldn’t wait! Read them all! Another amazing bunch of stories!!!!
    Thank you Ron, this challenge has been amazing. I am proud to be able to say have been innit from the beginning!
    And because of you, I have a running story on the go! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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