Keep a watch for me and let me know. Thank you.

Hello Everyone,

If you see my book available anywhere but Amazon, please let me know. I’ve only given permission for it to be on that site. I’m finding it has been pirated and am quite unhappy about it. As many people may know, one of my best friends is an attorney, and I am very unhappy that my very first book is out there like this. Considering I have e-copies I want to give away very soon, this really is annoying. I’m pretty easy to get along with in regards to people reading the book, but stealing is something else. Interviewers and the like have received copies and I know they are honest. I know people can do a lot electronically to recreate the product, but it’s just wrong. This book took a year to get to the finished product.

Thank you and Much Respect


Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling by P.S. Bartlett and Ronovan Hester.

16 thoughts on “Keep a watch for me and let me know. Thank you.

  1. I’m so sorry to learn this, and want to say I received a phone call from a friend who recently received the rights to her book back from her publisher , and decided to self-publish the same title, which has been out for 7 years. She told me she started receiving notices that her book was available on 3 different sites for free download, and hasn’t a clue how this happened or what to do, I’ll be interested in what you discover, Ronovan, as well as in what you’ll do. This just isn’t right!

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    • It’s just one site so far that I’ve found. If people wanted to be nice and review the book, I’m happy to oblige a copy, but this makes one a bit less likely to be as easy to hand over.


  2. Sometimes I’ve had alerts that my book is free on various websites, but I learned that it might be just a ruse just to make me sign up and pay money. If your book is with Kindle Unlimited, Amazon usually let you know if they find somebody else selling it.

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    • I think it might be partly to get people to get a virus on their computers. I spoke with my co-author and she has some thoughts about it. I remember a site had her Blue Diamond, her very first pirate book available for free. It was taken down quickly once her publisher sent an email or two. 🙂

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  3. Dear Ron, extremely despicable if such a thing is happening. I will definitely keep an eye out and let you know if I spot any such wrongdoing. Just one word for all those who do such repulsive things: you guys are cheats.


  4. I’ve read about the ruse explanation from other authors – they often do not have the book at all. You can try and think of it as free advertising, but if you are in the exclusive agreement with Amazon you should inform them ASAP that you have found this happening since they can withdraw your book if they think you have authorised sales elsewhere.

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  5. So sorry to hear this Ron, what a terrible thing to happen! I will keep an eye out and notify you if I come across anything. Such a shame. KL ❤


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