It isn’t that easy.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.” (Romans 1:16)

If you’ve been visiting my site long enough you may have seen that verse before. It’s what I call my Life Verse. I have a couple of them. If you’re a Christian you’ve probably been asked what you’re Life Verse is. Imagine if you’re in your 20s, have been a Christian for like 2 years and are asked that. Your first thought is, “No one said that I had to have one of those when I got dunked in the water!”

You have to be careful and not just throw out any old verse.

A few readers have already clicked away by now, but the rest of you will find out what I’m writing about today.

I just finished going through one of those lists things, you know like ’10 Famous People Who Eat Chalk’ or ’23 Celebrities Who Used to be Famous’.

This was one about celebrities that we didn’t know were atheists.

There were some sad revelations: 1) I didn’t know who some of the people were, 2) Some are agnostic, not atheist (It’s okay to have questions.), and 3) Some you could just see being a Christian gets in the way of what they want in life.

One of the things that sparked me to write is what one person said. It was something like “It would be great if I were a Christian, then I could do anything and ask for forgiveness and be okay.”

That’s the voice of someone who hasn’t lived as a real Christian. When I do something wrong, yeah, I ask for forgiveness, but I don’t feel okay. You see, I’ve disappointed  God and insulted Jesus’s sacrifice. (And yes, you are supposed to put an ‘s for possessive when the name ends in s, I looked it up. Although either way is socially acceptable. Thus ends the editor voice version of me.) You can let a lot of people down and feel okay, you can get over it. But when you’ve done something bad, even if you get away with it, God knows, and you know God knows. Even when you say “Sorry!” you know God still knows.

It perturbs me when I see people speaking about the ease of Christianity. If I were not a Christian I would only have to deal with myself in those moments. I could forgive myself and move on. Now, I don’t wallow in my wrong doings. I know they are there. They come back to me at times. No, God isn’t reminding me. I remind myself because I know the injustice I’ve done to the one that made it possible for me to live without having to deal with what death brings. I will stand before God and answer for what I’ve done. The gifts in Heaven God had for me will be taken from for each of my wrong doings. But I will still be in Heaven. Even if all the gifts are gone, as long as I have one tiny spot in Heaven, I’m good.

Even that, I don’t DESERVE. Christians live like anyone else, except we carry a load that others shake off at times. If any Christian says they don’t have a load to carry then I would question them a little. I am able to lighten my load through prayer, Bible study, and trying to live my daily life the way I think Jesus would have me do it. Things will still happen to me here on Earth. Problems will still be faced. Sadness will still come. But I know at the end I’ll be good.

So it saddens me when I see comments about how easy it is. It saddens me to see people not wanting to be Christian because they don’t agree with something in the Bible. There’s a lot I don’t agree with but I understand the why of it during the time of it. That mainly applies to the Old Testament. You might realize at this time I am a New Testament guy. Jesus came to fulfill what was said in the Old Testament, about all those laws and things. Christians really have one law these days, follow Jesus. If you are a follower of his then you do what he taught. And he taught pretty good stuff. He’s the one that argued with the people who misinterpreted the Old Testament. He’s the one that helped people on the Sabbath. He’s the one that ate with the undesirable people of the time.

It isn’t easy inside or even out these days. Saying you’re a Christian can make people treat you differently, make jokes happen, bring about frowns. But I take it all in stride. That’s one thing that is easy with God. With God, you can face anything with a smile and head held up.

8 thoughts on “It isn’t that easy.

  1. I think it goes for most religions Ron.
    We can’t believe everything that is written in Our holy scriptures but that’s the point of faith.
    That one God needs to be by our side, in whatever form we choose to believe, in order for us to move through life happily.

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    • I don’t share your particular faith, Ron. But for any who have faith in a conscious Source, regardless of the Name…or for whom the soul exists, or for the billions for whom conscience is an acute reality, there is no escape. It Knows…and we know It Knows…and so do we. We may understand, we may even be able to forgive ourselves because of that understanding, but something once known cannot be unknown. Yet is it from those very mistakes that touch the conscience that we can learn and grow.

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  2. I love this post! I appreciate your honesty and openness about your faith. I have found, by reading and listening to Timothy Keller, that God’s love is inscribed on every page of the OT, too. But I agree that many folks don’t see that, including myself (for years!). I love Jesus and fail continually. Someone said to me, “Oh, you need a Savior!” Duh.

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  3. Yesterday I followed a car that had several stickers on the back. Things like: Adults shouldn’t have imaginary friends and some kind of atheist club sticker. I wanted to cry. This person doesn’t have a clue what they have done to themselves. Imagine hating God so much you want to share your thoughts publicly in such a horrid display. What is more astounding -there are people making these stickers.

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    • Thanks for posting this and standing up for what you believe in. Awesome post. My life verse for a while now, since I was 18, has been Mathew 6:33. But there are others that I love. So many great verses and books. I have taken classes focusing on some of the books of the OT. Sometimes it’s difficult not to take the OT so literally. It is a different approach to God that I perceive in the OT. I have heard differing views on what people think of the OT but if we look at the prophecies of the OT they point directly and predict events in the NT so they were already connected. I definitely agree that Jesus came to create a new covenant and to become a one time sacrifice. I think it would be a long and interesting discussion for sure to hear more on this.

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  4. You may be in the minority… At least as far as actually feeling bad, even after confession, atonement and whatever additional steps you take when you’ve slighted your God and His Son. It’s been my unfortunate circumstance to run into a great many “Christians” who have the world view that it’s okay to to “whatever,” since they just say “sorry” to God later and everything’s kosher. Now, one could argue that they aren’t actually “Christian,” – and for the record, I would concur – but their assessment and the judgement of those in their church says otherwise, so they go on about their way, thinking that inflicting 30+ years of self-loathing, self-doubt and unanswerable questions on a child was totally okay, because, in their own words “The Lord and Savior forgave it. Your forgiveness isn’t necessary.”

    Not trying to stir the pot. Just noting that it’s not entirely an outsider opinion that being Christian makes things “easy” with a get out of jail free card.


    • I would agree, there are a lot of people I know who act that exact same way, like, ‘oh it’s okay if I just apologize and to go church sometimes.” It’s difficult to judge their own hearts without knowing more, but the bible says that people will know you by the fruit of the spirit. If you produce good fruit, then other people will see it, even when you fail sometimes. But if you don’t, people won’t see it and won’t care or take you seriously. I think people just want that ‘label’ like it makes them better to wear that label. That irritates me. In my faith, the more I get to know God and his Word and His character, the more I want to keep getting to know and the more I want to serve and do.


  5. I truly appreciate your openness about this. It’s actually tougher being a Christian that not being one and to ask for forgiveness doesn’t mean that it’s all done with and one can just carry on doing what they want. I enjoyed reading this.

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