Review my BOOK! If you liked it, that is.

Did you get my book Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling when it was free on Amazon? Have you read it yet? Did you like it? If you did, could you write a quick little review about why you like it at for me?

If you are in another country and go to you might be asked if you want to go to your home country, say no. The reason I say that is because the more reviews I get in one place the better it looks. A lot of reviews will sell the book. (Just click the title above to go to

The review doesn’t have to be professional or long like I do. Simply stating exactly why you like it is what a potential reader wants to hear.

Oh, and if you didn’t like the book . . . you never read this post. 😉 It never happened.


3 thoughts on “Review my BOOK! If you liked it, that is.

  1. Loll @ it never happened.

    Since I’m here, I’ve been wanting to get in contact with you but I can’t find your contact info on the blog. I review books and I wanted to inquire of how to join the LitWorldInterviews team as a Book Reviewer.


  2. Started reading it this morning and will certainly review it when I’m finished. I’m trying to finish not one, but three books (writing) right now so I’m only reading in the snatched gaps between


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