Word of the Week: Abrade

Through my reading adventures I come across words that I see often but never look up. Sometimes you think you know what a word means but do you really?

Abrade-Abraded, Abrading


transitive verb

  • 1a :  to rub or wear away especially by friction :  erodeb :  to irritate or roughen by rubbing

  • 2 :  to wear down in spirit :  irritate, weary


Examples of abrade in a sentence

  1. ropes abraded by the rocks were a huge danger to the climbers

  2. the prisoner’s manacles abraded his wrists and ankles until they bled


Origin and Etymology of abrade

Latin abradere to scrape off, from ab- + radere to scrape — more at rodent


First Known Use

Circa 1675



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