The easiest lie to believe is one told by an honest man.

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  1. This is immortalized in The Indian epic Mahabharata. The quote is “Ashwathama hata iti gaja”. Dronacharyya, the guru of both Kauravas and Pandavas, was the general of the Kauravas in the epic battle of Kurukhetra. It was said that no body can defeat him in battle till he did not give up his weapons voluntarily. Pandavas were in a tough spot as their army was being slaughtered. Lord Krishna, charioteer and guide to Pandava Arjuna (general of the Pandava army), devised a trick. A magnificent elephant named Ashwathama , ride to a Kaurava general, was killed in the battle. Incidentally Ashwathama was also the name of the one and only son of Dronacharyya. Ashwathama had a boon of immortality. At Krishna’s behest, Pandava army started shouting ” Ashwathama hata (hata means killed in Sanskrit).” Soon Drona heard about it but he did not believe it. He went to ask Yudisthira (the eldest Pandava who was renowned for never telling a লি in his life) to ask if it was true. At Krishna’s urging, Yudisthira said that Ashwathama hata iti gaja (Ashwathama is dead but the elephant or Ashwathama the elephant is dead). As soon as Yudhisthira said Ashwathama hata, Pandava drummers started such a noise that Drona never heard the ” iti gaja” part. He threw away his bows and arrows, tears running down his cheeks. He was killed by Dhristadyumna at this state.

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