To use this word instead of that?

In recent months, the number of articles related to race and skin color has increased. Now you can add an article to capitalize a letter or not. On this blog, I supply a creative outlet for an unrestricted audience to express feelings and thoughts based on whatever theme they choose including the current protests and the riots. Thus, I share the article.

The attached article titled The Case for Capitalizing the “B” in Black is about language, and so is this blog. Our poetry is language. Our ideas are language. Every moment of our lives is language. I will share my opinion another time.

The article is not a history lesson. I mention this now because the article refers to a few historical points as they relate to the topic. I don’t want people who don’t like history not to read this.

The article is a walk through the thought processes behind the terms Negro, African American, and now Black. The reasoning for the capital “W” in white is given. The author gives unbiased telling and in someways leaves it to the reader to develop their own opinion.

I encourage you to read and learn. I’m not begging you to read the article. The author doesn’t preach in the article. You learn things, such as an origin of the “N” capitalization in Negro, and the beginning of the term African American.

The above articled mention is by Kwame Anthony Appiah, a professor of philosophy and law at New York University and the author of The Lies that Bind: Rethinking Identity, which appears in The Atlantic.


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the lines that bind

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