Forward Thinking Thursdays Blog Share 7/30/2020



Here’s mine for today.

Immigration Nation – Netflix – August 3rd

I wanted to share something else on this post today but with this docuseries coming out Monday, August 3rd, I decided this would be a great way to see inside ICE. Yes, there are moments showing good ICE workers, but just as many opportunities to see those ICE workers you expect to see. Read the excerpt from the TIME article to see what I mean.

“…an explosive documentary that comes to Netflix on Aug. 3. Trophy co-directors Christina Clusiau and Shaul Schwarz’s six-part series offers a complex, 360-degree view of the American immigration system, combining in-depth research, empathetic storytelling and bold investigative journalism into a uniquely urgent humanitarian appeal. The project has already made national headlines thanks to pushback from ICE and the President. The New York Times recently reported that the Trump administration tried to block the filmmakers’ use of some footage, threatened legal action against their production company and “fought mightily to keep [the series] from being released until after the 2020 election.” Clusiau and Schwarz’s attorney told the paper that ICE’s intimidation tactics were even more aggressive.” Judy Berman TIME Click HERE for the full story.



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Physical Base Group (PBG) is what I call those who share physical characteristics, or what has been traditionally referred to as a race. There are subgroups of PBGs, and we want to learn about them all, as all PBGs are important in some way to each of our lives. You just may not know how yet.

It’s time to take an active role in our understanding of all PBGs. I’m not talking about one People, I’m talking about all People. All the flavors. Even the different flavors of Caucasians/White.

The more we know, the more current generations learn and know, the better prepared we are to have intelligent and productive conversations. Why? The more we know about each other, about the troubles each face, or the advantages others have, the more we understand why PBGs look at other PBGs the way they do.

Although this site has posted poetry prompts leaning toward racial issues, and posted sites for learning and understanding, I believe we need to do something more, something real. Or as real as a blog can be. And hopefully useful to those who visit.


The more that know… the more that share… the more that learn. And the more that understand.



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