polluted veins – a poem

Polluted Veins – by Ronovan Hester


The problems of man are just so, the problems of man.

Man fell from the gift of God’s creation to the gift of its own.

He gives us centuries of warning of disaster to come.

From the lowest of lands to the driest of earth,

from the wind-torn paths to the fruitless sands.

Knowledge, God’s greatest gift tells us the patterns of our fate.

He provides new histories to add to that of our lives.

We heed them or stay with our stubborn and troubled paths.

Some can go. Some cannot.

Those with none, need those with abundance.

To move from the barren, the heartache must travel.

Life is for living our ancestors know. Forgiveness is granted.

Blaming the heavens for what we as Man have done,

is our peril and denial of the twisted blood

through centuries Man has spun.

I leap into a life as one of God’s open-eyed man,

With a hope to right the wrongs in our ancestries’ polluted veins…

brought through its greedy sins.

To find the solutions to the decaying of our inner being.

My prayer is this, to keep the path, The Way.

To open the blind-eyed into those of the seeing.

To fill the world with hope and strength,

To see the truth in our life as Man.

To end my life… on the day that comes… with the, I Am.

Polluted Veins poem on sky blue background.

© 2020 Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.


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