Décima Challenge 23 Poets Collected

11 links to the Poets from last week’s challenge of FALL and their Décima. All links open in a new window when clicked on.

Decima Challenge Poets Collected Image

EASTELMHURST.A.GO.GO: The Nature Of Evil – eastelmhurst.a.go.go


Wither the Weather

Nature seems in a foul mood,
Fires, hurricanes, floods, and all,
the smoky skies: we enter Fall
anxious …but what should we conclude?

Fatalists state that we are screwed,
the end is near or fairly close.
Optimists won’t say adios
just yet, suggesting we amend
our harmful ways, forestall the end
with green tech plans quite grandiose.

Frank Hubeny:  Fall – Décima – Poetry, Short Prose and Walking

The Hidden Edge: Fall – (Weekly decima challenge #23) – Laura McHarrie @ The Hidden Edge

The Indie She:  https://indishe.wordpress.com/2020/09/17/ronovan-writes-decima-poetry-challenge-prompt-no-23-fall-this-week-its-the-b-rhyme-line/

Like Mercury Colliding:  alternative mentality | like mercury colliding…

Mindfills: https://mindfills.wordpress.com/2020/09/17/soul-food-a-decima/

My Fresh Pages: Life’s Pearls Décima – My Fresh Pages

Mystical Strings: Autumn Dream #Poem | Mystical Strings

Ronovan Writes: NO!

willowdot21: Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 23 (FALL) This week, it’s the B rhyme line. | willowdot21

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