The first reported case of deviled ham.

I thought I would share something from my first year of blogging. My thankful things on here are pretty much the same. I have a couple of newer ones I’ve come to appreciate and give me inspiration for living life and for continuing to live. Those to may sound the same but they are completely different. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Give thanks for those and what you are thankful for, and what this day has come to represent in the hearts of those across the nation.


It’s early here. Especially early considering it is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I have a blanket wrapped around my legs, the warmth makes the joints and bones feel decent. Who would have thought at my age I would need to be doing that? But then no one would have ever thought Mr. Human Heater would ever need a blanket.

So what am I thankful for today,

on this National Holiday?

I suppose I need to start with God,

and continue with that I at least still have a bod.

Family must be in the picture,

I hope that cranberry salad is of the right mixture.

Loved ones and smiling faces galore,

or the thoughts that I most adore.

Creativity and my imagination,

are two things needing appreciation.

Of course my friends here and there,

and those most loved everywhere.

You come upon a holiday and wonder what to…

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