Décima Challenge 35 Poets Collected

12 Poets from last week’s challenge of KNOCK and their Décimas. All links open in a new window when clicked on.

We had several of a holiday season and along with that vein the true overall why the holiday should be celebrated and honestly how one can be a complete part of it.

All the poems are great this week and deserve a visit and read. Not one is weak. Sometimes we kind of make our missteps but not this time.

Some poems that were outside the holiday theme that stood out this week:


The Dressmaker by  Arthur Richardson

Lost at Birth by Nima Mohan

Ruby by the Willowy one herself Dot


Decima Challenge Poets Collected Image

Ritu Bhathal | But I Smile Anyway…:    Do You Believe?



The Visitor

I hear the ticking of the clock,
time chiming away in the night,
shadows swaying in the moonlight,
the chatter of night sounds: night talk.

Barely awake, there comes a knock,
A stranger in the forest, lost,
disoriented, chilled from frost,
And so, a late-night rum toddy,
A winter thaw of the body,
A COVID kindness, a bridge crossed.

Bob Fairfield:  https://bobfairfield.org/2020/12/09/ronovan-writes-decima-challenge-35/

Frank Hubeny | Poetry, Short Prose and Walking:   Knocking   

Dr. Crystal Grimes | Mystical Strings:    The Open Door

Rant Along:   RONOVAN WRITES : Knock | Two on a Rant

Revived Writer:  A Knock on the Door

Arthur Richardson | Poems, Polemicks and Licks:   The Dressmaker

Ronovan Writes:   Do they know…

Nima Mohan | The Tenth Zodiac:  Lost at Birth

willowdot21:   Ruby

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