FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge Holiday Special.

Prompt for Challenge

  • ‘Santa arrives at the home of Harry Potter where the Potter children have left cookies and milk for Santa to eat. He does. What happens next?’ REQUIRED (Don’t worry if you don’t know much or anything about Potter. It’s a world of magic.)

  • Word Count is 500 words or less. REQUIRED

  • Copy and paste your URL in the comments of the challenge post, or do a pingback to this post. Click HERE to see how to do a pingback.

For proofreading of your work, you might check out They have a free option that you can use in your browser as well as an add-on that works right here in the WordPress Post Editor. It also works in the comments of sites. An additional feature is you can turn Grammarly off and on for each site you visit.

Useful links:
Click HERE for Dialogue Tags, Action Beats, and the Dialogue Comma.
Click HERE for What’s a GL and PSS got to do with writing.



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