Décima Challenge 44 Poets Collected

15 Poets from last week’s challenge of STEAL and their Décimas. All links open in a new window when clicked on.

Please be sure to visit everyone at least once if you haven’t already. More variety than I thought would happen this week with the prompt word being Gift.


Laura Eliza Haynes: Regret Décima

Ruth Blogs Here: Capitol Offence

Decima Challenge Poets Collected Image


Don’t Forget the Half | CSNelson:   The Devil Is Defeated

EASTELMHURST.A.GO.GO | Larry Trasciatti:    Happy Valentine’s Day


How T—-‘s Mob Believed All His Lies and Fomented His Insurrection

From where I sit, my sinecure,
my respect for the Public Weal,
the rabid call to stop the steal,
was a sad coward’s last-ditch lure.

The antithesis of mature,
he stood before his acolytes,
accused foes of egregious slights,
and, indifferent to their fate,
counseled his mob to storm the gate
and overthrow fair voting rights.

Laura Eliza Haynes: Regret Décima

Frank Hubney | Poetry, Short Prose and Walking:   Steal – Décima – Poetry, Short Prose and Walking

Laurie McHarrie @ The Hidden Edge:   Positive Seeds

Mindfills:  Deeper

MMA Storytime:   The Robbery

Mystical Strings |  Dr. Crystal Grimes:    Wishful Thinking

Revived Writer:     Joy Not Stolen

Arthur Richardson | Poems, Polemicks and Licks:  Stolen

Ronovan Writes:  Media Gold

Ruth Blogs Here: Capitol Offence

The Indie She:    https://indishe.wordpress.com/2021/02/12/ronovan-writes-decima-poetry-challenge-prompt-no-44-steal-in-the-b-rhyme-line/

willowdot21:   Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 44: (STEAL) in the B rhyme line. | willowdot21

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