Décima Challenge 47 Poets Collected

10 Poets from last week’s challenge of START and their Décimas. All links open in a new window when clicked on.

Please be sure to visit everyone at least once if you haven’t already. More variety than I thought would happen this week with the prompt word being Gift.

Decima Challenge Poets Collected Image

EASTELMHURST.A.GO.GO | Larry Trasciatti:   Dystopia – eastelmhurst.a.go.go

http://www.engleson.ca  (Book purchasing sites on Author’s site Book Page)

Beginnings-Endings-Drollery to be Sure

In life, we must all play our part,
a lead role, yes, and sometimes less,
the second fiddle, I confess,
is where we must by default start.

Though a baby’s cry tugs the heart,
and often is the shriller voice,
a missive noting that it’s moist,
parents assume their rightful place,
caregiver, slave, best done with grace
and wit, as if there is much choice.

Fargo Express:   Protector

Laura Eliza Haynes:    Canine Nightmare

Frank Hubney | Poetry, Short Prose and Walking:    S t a r t – Décima – Poetry, Short Prose and Walking

Laurie McHarrie @ The Hidden Edge:   Start! – (Weekly Decima Prompt #45) – Laura McHarrie @ The Hidden Edge

Mindfills:    The Way Down

MMA Storytime:   Finish What You Begin…Or Else

Mystical Strings |  Dr. Crystal Grimes: (Music Artist)   Time to Start

Revived Writer:     A Slow Start

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5 thoughts on “Décima Challenge 47 Poets Collected

  1. I couldn’t have ping ponged it properly either so here is mine:


    As Capital tears us apart
    and profits from labourers’ toil,
    we seek, in the tillage of soil,
    a flowering, welcoming heart.

    So let me suggest, as a start,
    production, now owned by the few,
    is freed from the oligarch’s screw,
    communalised, structured and planned,
    with redistribution of land.
    Society reborn anew.


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