Why my poetry reads like it does.

Art imitates life. Well, usually that’s the other way around but for me and this blog… So, I thought I would give everyone a little bit of an explanation about how weird some of my poetry is lately. If you’ve been following the blog long enough you know that I pretty much write what’s going on, for the most part. Sometimes it could just be inspired by a song or the beat of a song. Lately it’s about life.

One thing I love about haiku is that with so few words you can have so many meanings. For me, the meaning of my poetry is pretty simple, but when I read them again I can see how they can be interpreted them other ways. I mean I like writing a poem that is so clear to me but can be something else to others and completely opposite to anything I thought of at first.

Life is crazy at the moment for me. I am having to exist to keep my mother eating and moving and living while at the same time trying to do the same for me who has been isolated from the world for almost nine years. I drive now, for the first time in that long. I do everything. Not complaining, although I really am complaining but I can because I know all of the stuff.

So, I say all of that to explain that my poetry starts out to be a positive and moving forward thing but may end up sounding a little negative. It’s just word selection and how I use those words. I like to throw a twist in there.

Expect some attempts at funny and randomness. I loved writing that way back when I started the blog. Expect some poetry that reads like songs. I can hear the beat even if you can’t, although I try to write the words in such a way that you might figure it out.

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4 thoughts on “Why my poetry reads like it does.

  1. Thank you for sharing and our best wishes are always with you. Regards to your mother. Thank you very much for all the prompts which make me think. I enjoy writing haikus and Sijos.


  2. Thanks for sharing the post. Poetry is open to interpretations. Every reader interprets the same poem differently. It happens with every blogger. I also keep editing and reediting my posts, replacing the negatives with positives. This is how we grow as writers. Keep writing. Happy Blogging!


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