Question for Writers- Software/Programs.

I am wondering if any of you writers out there could tell me what Writing Software/Program you have found useful. It can be FREE or something you must PURCHASE. If you’ve had bad experience with one, please let me know in the comments. I’ll leave it there so I don’t influence your ideas by what I’m needing. Why? Because I may need something totally different than what I think I do.


Thanks in advance,



6 thoughts on “Question for Writers- Software/Programs.

  1. I’m still using the old Microsoft office Word 2007–I bought it new (not used) on sale ages ago, and I’m comfortable with it. So comfortable that when I tried a few current free ones–I just couldn’t adjust 🙂


  2. I use Grammarly for everything. I have the paid version, which is worth every penny I spend on it. It occasionally gives some weird suggestions but has helped me so much with my writing, mainly because I am dyslexic. I wouldn’t be without it.


  3. Microsoft Word, Ronovan. 7 or 10…I have no idea…Good luck…and by the way, I relish your haiku and silo posts…


  4. I like Scrivener. Lots of features, great for organizing and keeping track of notes and references. You might not like it if you don’t like software with a big learning curve, but if you are good at learning how to use new software, I recommend it.


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