Interested in being a Book Reviewer or other?

Lit World Interviews is a site I started many years ago where authors can get free online promotion.

Now I’m looking for some new Book Reviewers and people who have advice to share in the areas of Writing, Self-Publishing, and Book Promotion.

This is a great opportunity to share their opinions on books that sometimes are overlooked. Also to share the experience one might have that can help others achieve their dream of becoming an author with their book in the hands of readers.

LWI is a volunteer run site.

I would like to get some posts going again in regards to:

  • Book reviews
  • Self-publishing: Both the how to and promotion. Speaking from experience and/or sharing article links and advice from the pros. This tend to be our most viewed articles over time. Our former resident experts really knew their stuff.
  • If you writing/editing/style advice.

This isn’t an every week thing, or even once a month. It’s as you can do them.

email me at litworldinterviews @ if you are interested.

It would be helpful if you include something from the following, so I can see work you may have done:

  • Which of the mentioned areas you would like to participate in.
  • Your site address, if you have one
  • Your name, of course
  • Your social media outlets. The ones you are willing to share posts on. And if you are willing to share the other posts from the site to Twitter, automatically. That’s how they CAN occur, but not MUST occur.
  • Your genre interests (I don’t really have a no genre approved list. But I’m sure something will come up someday. But I’m not looking for that one to occur.)
  • Links to any reviews you may have done on Amazon or Goodreads

email me at litworldinterviews @ if you are interested.




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