Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling review by author Cristi Taijeron.

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I don’t promote my book on here. You may have noticed that. But, it’s had some great reviews. On Amazon it currently has 4.6 Stars from 26 reviews, and on Goodreads it’s a 4.54 with 39 ratings.

Below is a review by Cristi Taijeron, author of 13 pirate books, with another on the way this year, a long awaited sequel of my book Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling (click to go to Amazon). I chose this review for the very reason she is an author of the same genre, and thus would be more critical. She gave the book 5 stars.

I always love a good back story, especially when it comes to pirates. There are so many different and fascinating reasons that these people, historic and fictional, choose to turn their backs on their homelands and raise the black flag. I learned about the reason Gabriel Wallace went rogue in P.S. Bartlett’s other book, Jaded Tides, and knowing what a levelheaded and goodhearted, man that cutthroat pirate was at his core, I just knew that Gabriel Falling was going to be an epic tale. It was. Amber Wake is a non stop adventure tale, full of colorful characters, and gripping action. Gabriel (aka, Rasmus Bergman) keeps us on our toes with the seemingly uncertain plans that he is obsessively dedicated to. Miles Jacobs brings loyalty you can count on, but not without a pain in the arse, and Maddox Carbonale lightens the mood with his nonchalant attitude, and unpredictable actions.

There are many aspects to this story that I enjoyed, but overall, the best thing had to be the “Justified Treason.” The law isn’t always right, and in this case they were way wrong. Rasmus Bergman, and his loyal crew, were not only strong enough to fight back, but wise enough to turn the tides in an unexpectedly favorable direction.

As another pirate I know once said, “It’s far more dangerous to betray a friend than to deceive an enemy.” And Amber Wake is a thrilling show of the dangers that can ensue under these circumstances.”

Author of Endless Horizon Pirate Stories
-Cristi Taijeron-


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