Advertising your Book, For Free.

You have a book. You have it coming out soon, either traditional or self-published. It’s time to get creative in the advertising game.

Advertising your Book

by: Ronovan

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I’ve had this particular article Free Apps for making a Book Trailer starred and saved in my email for five months from The Write Life. I’ll need it some day but for now I’m sharing it with you.

Take a look at the article, but there is one that is free that I don’t think they really mention here, but they might. Yes, you can do a personal video about your book, like an interview of sorts, post it and then share it everywhere you are present in social media. Put the link on everything you have. People will get a personal connection to you. Just make sure that you test it on some people, including some internet friends and see if the right feel is coming across that you want. And think about asking people for reviews of your book. They can record their response or you can put a clip of the email message in a nice form on the screen for the people to see.

I’ve seen some really cheesy, read BAD, ones done. I couldn’t even finish them and it made me not even download the free Kindle book just as a show of support.

Agents and Publishers alike want the authors to do a lot more of the marketing and promotion these days. The article tells you some easy ways and the Youtube idea is one more.


And each time you get a new review you could add it as a new Youtube clip with you reading it as it appears on the screen. Basically you have your own author Youtube channel.  Remember that when naming any social media anything. Everything needs to be able to work together name wise. But that’s for another article.


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