A Change for Now.

I guess some of you may have noticed I am everywhere lately. I have posts across other blogs promoting my book. I am here promoting my book but trying not to because I don’t want to seem like I am forcing it on anyone. Then I am trying to do my normal blogging.

To be honest, it’s taking its toll. I’m having to wear compression gloves now to type and wow are they taking a lot to get accustomed to typing with. I guess you realize if I am wearing the gloves then the hands have gotten worse.

I love writing. I love blogging. Lately, really for months now, I don’t blog. I host challenges and put out reviews, both of which I like.

The problem is . . . I never knew the Haiku Challenge would ever get as big as it has. Would any of you have thought it that’s been around the whole time?

For the time being, I’m going to change the Haiku Review to include the Authors, because I know every extra mention helps, and choose 10 other Entries to feature along with the blog names. I am working on a way to maybe include all the links of all the entries just not in the format we have now. I’m going to work on the easiest way I can get it done so as many people can benefit. This may be temporary.

Other than my hands and overall health issues, I also want to get back to being creative again.

I loved writing poetry for so long, but now I don’t get into that space long enough to write. It’s time I created the chances to write again. I’ll be sharing the next phase of that journey with you. Keep an eye out for excerpts of that Southern Romance I’ve been working on for so long.

Much Respect