“…where little boys with dirty t-shirts are called stars…”

As many of you know by now, I like to watch old TV shows. On one such show called This is Your Life, Petula Clark, the song goddess of England, was being honored. One man, who was a child star with Clark, was filmed for the event, not able to be present in person. That man was Songwriter Hall of Fame member Anthony Newley who would pass away three years later.

I chose Anthony Newley for todays #BeWoW post for his charm, elegance, and dignity to his craft and others. He represents a time long gone, when even the celebrities who were not at the top knew how to act in public and be respectful to others. Even the rock stars of his time knew respect.

Anthony Newley was an early influence on David Bowie, but that legends recent passing did not influence this selection. I only discovered that fact a few seconds before typing this sentence, long after making the selection. However, when listening to recordings of Newley from the early to mid ’60s, I do hear the sound some speak of.

Anthony Newley’s legend has fallen by the wayside for many. Perhaps not so flamboyant as to seek out the spotlight, he did his magic where it mattered most.

There are many types authors. Some are writers of books, of poetry, of newspapers. Then there are the writers of songs.

In 1996 Newley spoke the following words on the This is Your Life special I mentioned earlier.

“In a profession where little boys with dirty t-shirts are called stars, it’s truly reassuring to know that there are real stars like yourself still with us.”-Anthony Newley to Petula Clark.

Anthony Newley Quote

I believe we could say the same for Anthony Newly and many ‘music stars’ today.

“In a profession where little boys with no shirts and underwear showing are called stars, it’s truly reassuring to know that there are real stars like Anthony Newly with music that will forever be with us.”-Ronovan Hester to Anthony Newley

What Kind of Fool am I

Once in a Lifetime-Judy Garland

The film score for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Here is Sammy Davis Jr. doing his rendition of The Candy Man from the movie.

And the theme from the James Bond movie Goldfinger. Newley wrote the lyrics.

Gonna Build a Mountain-Sammy Davis Jr.

And I close with the one that may be what many recognize Newley from.
The Mad Hatter from the TV Alice in Wonder Land from the 1980s.


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