Blog Tip: Links to Blogs and Articles-How to and WHY

Oh . . . you linked to this other great site for us? Thank you so much. Now I will read things on their page and since this one opened up in the place of your page I will completely forget about returning to read the rest of your article. Have a nice day! Love, your faithfulest follower ever. xox smiley smiley winky winky

There are two thoughts on the idea of how to do links. To have them open up in the current window or in a new one. This will show you how to do it in a new window. This also shows you how to create what is called a Ping Back.


But WHY is it sooooo IMPORTANT to some to have links open in other tabs or windows?!

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I think you can agree that your blog is the most important blog to you. Sure you LOVE other blogs but you put a lot of time into yours and you want people to at least finish you article before they totally lose interest in you and go off wandering the world of other blogs.

Linking to other blogs in your articles is a GREAT thing to do, especially if they are legit, honest, relevant links. I’ve begun to do it more often lately as I’ve found articles out there that inspire me to write on certain subjects or that just fit what I am writing. I have even went back in and edited an article to link back to another article I found.

But some bloggers want to make sure that when the reader clicks on the link that it opens in a new window.

They want their article to remain there present for them to see and remember. Not something they have to remember to click the back arrow to get to.

What if you have important information later in your article, or a link to something YOU have?

If you don’t know how to link back to a page here are the ‘How To’ instructions. If you do know how, here are the instructions anyway and a reminder of where the box to check for opening in a new window is.

You are in your Posts section of the Dashboard on WordPress (Other Blogging Platforms will be different, but it should all be similar in nature.) and you are wanting to link an article.

Step One

How to Add Link to WPYou need to highlight the words you want the reader to click on in order to open the link. The words can be anything. Notice in a lot of articles you read it says click here to do something. Well the URL does not say ‘here’. They are doing what you are doing now by going through these steps.

Once you’ve highlighted the words you then go to . . .

Step Two

Add Link Button

Click the icon that to me sort of looks like a weird paperclip. It’s circled in red above.

Step Three

Adding the Link Here you paste the URL in from the article or Blog you want to link to in the ‘URL’ field.

Then you click the box next to ‘Open link in a new window tab’.

Finally click ‘Add Link’ in the bottom right corner of the box.

Now when anyone clicks the link in your article a new window will show up to read that article in while leaving your article available to them to read.

You do the same thing when adding a link. an URL to an image. Click the image and then the paper clip link thing. Exact same process.


If you Reblog and the person is just reading in the Reader window the links don’t go to a new window it seems. But if they click on View Original then they work fine.


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