Female Focus Friday: Women Rock! Rock out that is.

When you are a young man, boy, or middle grade kid girls are a wonder. They are this fascinating creature that suddenly stirs your blood and sets you on fire. For me it was Friday and or Saturday night roller skating every week. Most of my concentration was focused on hanging onto the railing as I tried not to fall at first and also attempting to keep from breaking an arm as it slipped through the railing as the inevitable did occur.


Back then the hottest girl I knew at the rink was the one that took me there. She was my ‘babysitter’. Men, if you are reading this, you know what I am talking about. Wasn’t your babysitter like the amazing goddess in the tight jeans with that perfect hair? sigh Jeans were made so she could wear them.


Anyway, other than the ‘babysitter’ there were the girls at school who were soft and pretty to look at. But then there were the stars of the radio. Sure there were a lot of great lady singers. My parents were into country, or at least my step dad was. Sorry, but Dolly Parton really didn’t do it for me. this was when her hair was bigger than her breasts. And still I am not fascinated by her at any age.


But who did fascinate me? Two women who could kick every hard rock metal acts . . . tail.


For those of you who don’t know the group let me introduce you to . . .




I’m not here today for a complete history lesson. I’ll just say that Ann Wilson is one of the greatest Rock voices of all time, and highly underrated. A face with a voice and a body with a guitar, that’s what many in the industry thought of Ann and Nancy Wilson respectively. Rock Goddesses, fantasy of men now as old as well, you name it. Spanning through five decades, the now Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members have done it all and accomplished it all.


Let me give you just a handful of their hits:

“Crazy on You”

“Magic Man”

“Barracuda”, written by Ann Wilson, the elder sister and the face with a voice, after a reporter suggested the sisters were sex partners.


How big was Heart at this point in the late 70s? They performed at the very first Texas Jam. Who else played; Aerosmith, Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Journey, and others, that’s who. That tells you how big they were.


Some of you are wondering who Heart is. You’ve heard Ann Wilson even if you don’t realize it. Have you seen the original Footloose? Remember the song Almost Paradise? The lady singing on that, yeah, that was Ann Wilson of Heart.


They hit a slump in the early 80s but then came roaring back. Before I leave you with a song, Ann can still do it, even spanning five decades, the lady has the chops. Oh and what idiot ended up divorced from Nancy Wilson in 2010? Director Cameron Crowe.


I changed my mind about just one song. Take your pick . . . oh, pick both. It would be like pulling a Cameron Crowe to just listen to one.


Barracuda (1977)

Never (1985)

Much Respect


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