My son and Football. Will it happen?

The question comes up here in the United States about my son his school of “Is he gonna play football?” This is the American type of football.

If you have time, watch the video and then continue onward. If not you can skip the video, but to get a good idea of where I am going with this you will want to see it. You don’t even need the sound.



My son is 10 and almost 5 feet tall, broad shoulders, athletic. To be downright personal, his shoulders were so broad he was delivered by C-section. His school is in the state playoffs, think championship tournament, each year, even making it to the actual championship game one of those times and the football program is not even 10 years old.

The school has the children of elite athletes including former professional quarterbacks, think the guy who passes/throws the ball down the field to his teammates. One of the coaches helping out was the winning quarterback in a Super Bowl. In other words, football is huge for the school.

He’s not playing football, or at least that is the intent. Why? If you watched the clip above you know why. Concussions are common in football. More common than anyone ever knew, because before they were kept quiet or the players didn’t say anything.  A key player out of a game could actually cost a coach his job.

If you watched the video then you know it was obvious the quarterback should have been out of the game. Who should have known? Anyone watching.  Some might say the coach didn’t talk to him on the sidelines, that a trainer or someone did. The trainers are actually the ones that can say yes or no to a player playing. Notice the quarterback never took his helmet off. He wasn’t thoroughly checked out. And then, in he goes.

Look at the kid’s eyes.

Michigan QB

Some people outside of the United States don’t think football is all that much. That we wear these protective pads. Okay. Imagine your soccer players being hit straight on by a 300 pound 6’5″ man running almost at Olympic level speeds. Hitting the player in the head as they are moving forward passing the ball, defenseless.

One of my high school friends learned how to drive a van last year. I’m 44 and so is he. It took that long for him to get enough control and get the right van to drive. You see his neck broke during a game in high school. A game that should have been stopped because we were losing so badly there was no way to win. A game that even the opposing team’s coach wanted to stop, but our coach said no.

My friend uses one of those breathing things to operate his chair with at times, and he has just enough control with his hands to be able to drive a specially modified van.

I always wanted my son to play football. But I would rather have my son.

The coach of the team in the video said basically that he had no idea and that if the kid wanted to come out he would have. Bull! The quarterback position is a competitive spot. No quarterback wants to come out, no matter what. And then you have the kid obviously banged up.

I love college football. It’s really the only football I even keep up with, the only sport for that matter. I used to be a huge tennis fan, but that was long ago. But I am slowly losing interest as time passes and the ethics of the coaches are revealed. The coach said he didn’t know. Yes the boy had a hurt leg from earlier, but what college guy is going to hang on to another player in front of thousands of people and hold his hand? The kid got nailed!

Will my son play football?


My rant is over.

Much Respect



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