Wednesday Words of Wisdom. Don’t ignore the truth.

“Don’t be so set in your understanding that you ignore the truth right in front of you.”-Ronovan

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Humble before a Fall-A Poem

Be humble in your ways every day
Boasting and bragging are arrogance
You may not know the path you take
But pride in ways has no relevance

Do what you do with a knowledge of grace
For you were given talents before you were born
Their recognition and nurturing up
Are rarities in this world where a crown is made of thorn

Continue in this way and your life will reveal
You are more than even you can believe
As you throw off those stresses and pressures
And hold onto that which will relieve

Be humble my friends
Be thankful for your gift
For as sure as you become arrogant
You and they will be broken by a rift

I was prideful in my former years. I made note of what happened in my life. I made a prideful statement and not long after, my world turned upside down. No, I do not think a punishment was sent down to give me a lesson. What I do think happens is in our pride and arrogance perhaps we do foolish things that bring about the humbling of us. I advise all today not to wait for those humbling moments, humble yourself now.


Much Respect





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