Vacation Recovery Begins Now.

This past weekend and early part of the week was an impromptu vacation for me. It was the first time in 8 years I had been more than an hour and a half from my home.

I intentionally left my laptop and tablet behind. In their place I had a pad of paper and a pen. My phone was the only electronics I had on me and it was used to take some photos…

Beach Aquarium…and phone my parents upon arrival at the hotel. The hotel was great. I think it could’ve slept 10 adults or 5 of me. A Jacuzzi everywhere you looked on the ground floor around the pools. 6 pools, most of those were heated. Full kitchen. The last hotel at the end of the beach before residential areas, across from a golf course, and a yacht club, made for a very nice, quiet time. All at a very great price.

ResortWith that knowledge now in your hands, you may understand that I am a bit behind on some commitments. Maybe not behind according to agreements, but according to my own personal preference. Blogging will be sparse the coming week until I…

  • Read at least one book for Review. (I have several)
  • Proofread and edit a book for a friend of a friend.
  • Proofread and edit at least three articles for a friends business site.
  • Write a short story for a contest. (I’ve only entered one short story contest before and won it, by luck. Maybe this will happen again.)
  • And there is something else that I am forgetting but that nagging feeling at the back of my skull tells me it’s out there waiting to make its presence known.

I’ll be back in the saddle fully soon. Enjoy the challenges and the entries in the comments of each one. If you haven’t been visiting the short stories for the Friday Fiction challenges you are missing out.

Much Respect,


PS-You know I have a book. You know you can click the image in the side bar to go get it. The reviews have been great. 9 five stars and 2 four stars so far. I’ll take that for any book I write ever.

Today is one of them days.

Some days are better than others. For some people you might dread this or that. For others it could be simply it’s cold outside. This is my morning today. Not comfortable. You do odd looking things in an attempt to get to where you want or need to be. I have a new chapter to add to a book I am writing, then finish up the last few pages to send off to my co-author for her to take a look. I have a book to read that goes out soon and I have reviewed it but changes have been made so am reading it again. I have a book to proofread. And I have more books to read for upcoming interviews.

And below is me this morning. It’s going to be a long day.

That being said. No real post from me today so I encourage you to visit my poems from yesterday.


Much Respect


P.S.~No the look isn’t trying to look cool. Very cold in my room and the migraine if very bad so need some help with the light and computer screen this morning, thus the glasses.


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