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Text to Speech isn’t just for authors of novels. Use it for your blog as well.

How do you write?

How does one go about writing a novel or an article? They’re both the same thing of sorts, just one is a shorter story than the other. So how? That’s a question a lot of people hit search engines and begin asking. And you will find so many different answers you wonder how a book gets to be written at all. To be honest, every way you read is the right way and the wrong way. It all depends on who is doing the writing. In fact the right way for you to write a novel may not have been written yet. You haven’t written your novel yet. Until then you don’t know for certain what way is the right one for you.

Of course I have an opinion on the subject, sort of. Well I guess I do when it really comes down to it.

First of all, find a good source of how to do the basics of writing the correct way.

I read Self-Editing for Fiction Writers recently before starting my most recent project. The book showed me some things that are signs of a professional writer and an amateur writer. Taking care of a few of those basics from the beginning makes it so much easier going in to the next draft.

I listened to my book on a free text to voice download from Microsoft you can get.

I can choose male or female and even robotic sounding voices. You can also change the pace of the speech. I was happy to hear the dialogue and everything flowed well. The aforementioned book really helped. You need to listen to your book before you are finished with it. Whatever software or app you use, use one.

Things I’ve learned to do, especially that helps me:

I keep a separate word document open or even two. I keep them open for Things to Remember for the next draft and URL’s to websites that I find useful. What I am currently writing I need maps and some diagrams of types of transportation. I recalled finding one great site and I lost it. I didn’t copy the URL down. Now, if something looks even remotely good I copy the URL before I go any further. You may not think you will need that site again, but until your book is finished and in the hands of the reader, you will need it again.

Another thing I keep up is a spreadsheet.

As I create a new name, city or anything that has a name I make note of it. I do so in order of creation. I even make note of relationships if need be. This saves a lot of time when trying to recall the name of someone or where they appeared in the book.

But you still want to know how to write a novel.

Styles vary. Another author and I are writing books at the same time and we read for the other just to see how things are going. I write chapters of a certain length while they do it another way. Our genre is the same but my story has an entirely different feel to it than the other author’s story. Both stories work. Both stories tell what they need to tell and fit the type of story being told. We both like the other person’s story.

One thing you MUST do is find your writer’s voice.

I think I have created my own style of storytelling and so has the other author. Which way should you write? What length of chapters will work for you? You need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • What type of books do you like and how are they written?
  • What type of story are you going to write?
  • What voice are you going to use?
  • Who is your audience?

After you determine all of that, start writing and let the story tell you where the chapter ends and what voice to use. It doesn’t matter who your audience is. It matters how you tell a story. Can you tell a story? And if not, don’t worry, you will.

Why do I say you will? If you have a disappointment in something you write, that dream novel of yours and no one signs you to a deal, start writing. One thing you want to do is write everything. Dabble in every kind of writing genre you can and even every length of writing. Once you find that writer’s voice you are almost there. To me that is the key to it all, finding that voice.

People that have read the novels I’ve written have told me that even though there may be different genres involved they still hear me. I take that as a compliment. The genres work, but my storytelling comes through even if it is a Romance or a Middle Grade Fantasy.

One place you can try out your writing chops so to speak is writing.com. They have prompts of various kinds. It takes a little getting used to but I took steps outside of my comfort zone and wrote some stories I never would have otherwise. It’s a good way to have people review some of your writing and just write.

So how do you write a novel? The way to write a novel is to write. That’s it. Just write and learn to write the correct way. You know, an imagination is a terrible thing to waste when all you need is to know how to properly put it into words.


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