Why diversity and inclusion aren’t about race but everyone thinks they are | Michael Bush

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by: Ronovan


Have you ever been at work and something happens to your pants? Perhaps the zipper breaks, a buttRipped Pantson pops off. You can handle that somewhat, maybe. But then there is that moment when you hear it and you feel that sudden relaxing of the sides of the pants. The blow out has happened! The south forty has divided! Seaming disaster has occurred!


Yes, I think there should be pants vending machines in every work place. I’ve actually kept a small sewing kit in my brief case back in the day and had to sit in a restroom stall and sew on buttons, sew together fly flaps and yes, stitch together the back forty because it should have been a 44 instead.


But for me and all of us, just a simple no wrinkle pair of emergency pants would do for a day. And that is my vending machine wish for today’s The Daily Post Postaday.


Much Respect

Ronovan “Back 46” Writes (Okay I lost weight so I’m smaller.)


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