Blogger Psychology: Views vs. Likes, Which Satisfies you?

Being a new blogger it may confuse one at times to see more ‘likes’ than ‘views’. And which ones do you really want? I don’t even have a gut feeling on it really because I see the advantage of both and that, I think can cause the confusion. Yeah, I’m a Gemini. I’m not into astrology but being that whole twin thing, I really fight myself by seeing both sides of a situation. So even my opinion below will likely disagree with the ‘experts’ and even myself.

‘Likes’ are a psychological hug or pat on the back for most of us. While ‘Views’ are the way our work gets seen. Some people just aren’t going to click Like for a number of reasons, but they will keep coming back to read what you have to offer and thus View your work.

Am I a pro blogger? I’m not a pro, whatever that really means in Blog World. But I have realized a great many things since I’ve been blogging.

  • Be happy with your Likes, and use that for motivation. Remember though, how many blogs do you read and don’t click but you go back again the next time? I love the Likes because that’s one way I find people who have things to offer that I will Like and most likely Follow.
  • As long as I am getting the Views, then I am getting noticed.
  • Blog to share, not to receive praise. If you fall into the trap of wanting praise you are going to change how and what you blog. You started blogging for a reason; make sure you stay true to that.

These are just a few thoughts from someone who has gone through what a lot of new bloggers are going through now and even some veterans. We all share the same concerns about the numbers game, so don’t think you are the only one. Just keep doing it. Sure you want people to Like your work, but you really did this to share it so people could View it.


6 thoughts on “Blogger Psychology: Views vs. Likes, Which Satisfies you?

  1. Views and likes both keep me going. The idea that what I have to say on here interests a few people gives me hope that an even larger group will be interested in “The First Destiny Cycle and Other Stories,” the short story collection I hope to have self published this fall.

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