Do your best…or not at all…advice from success.

Do your best…or not at all…advice from success.

by: Ronovan


In my previous life I was in the business world, if only that were meant as reincarnation.

Sympathy Stuffed Bear



Yes even stuffed animals give me looks of sympathy and pats for comfort. But it wasn’t a complete waste of my life. After all you can learn from every experience, whether it is a good lesson or a bad lesson. This is a bit of a good one.

Coke Can

I attended a business luncheon in Atlanta, GA and there was a very much respected business woman there as the guest speaker. She was a self-made woman who not only had her own business but was also an executive with Coca Cola.



I’m sorry to say there were no free Coke t-shirts but a lot of free and excellent advice, as was the food, although Nuvo Mealexpensive to my company, and miniscule in size the food not the advice.


Now back to our program. The lady spoke of two things that day, one of which I will talk about here and the other another time.


Being Your Best at What You Are Doing When You Are Doing It


The lady had not come from a silver spoon background. She fought her way up including obtaining her education. One reason the lady said that she had become such a success, and this was not ego speaking, was that in everything she was doing at a given moment she was giving it her all, trying to be the best at it.


She felt she had to try harder than anyone else for two reasons; 1) she was a woman in the business world, and 2) she was African American.

Female Executive

At no one point could she be focusing on two things. If she were in school and working on a research paper, that would be the only thing she was focusing on. There was no other class in her mind at that time, no boyfriend in her mind, no TV show, nothing.


If you are writing an article about dogs then write the best article you can even though you might want to watch a movie instead, or be working on a manuscript. You chose to write an article and made a commitment. At that moment you are to be the best dog article writer in the world. Why do anything unless you are going to do the best? What you put out is what people see you as so why put out garbage or half attempted material? And why put out something that isn’t you?


This translates to editors and literary agents as well. If they see that you put everything into whatever you write then they have confidence in signing you. They know they can depend on you to get the job done, that you will not turn in a half effort or be late.


Use this in every job you have. It doesn’t matter what it is, do your best, and be the best.


Read her second piece of advice ‘Don’t ALLOW people to control you’.


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