RonovanWrites Week(in)d Review

If you are reading this then you know I tend to write random things at random times, it’s the nature of my beast. With that in mind I thought I would make note of my offerings here, in part so I would actually know what I did and when.

This Week’s Offerings:

Blogging and or Writing Tips
Blogging/Writing Tip: Use Animated Gif’s Wisely
Writing Tips: The basic tip to improve your knowledge of genre
Writing Tips: Short and Sweet Keeps Them in Their Seats

A Mother of a Letter

Life and Non Fiction
My Teacher
A Loss of…?
My Ocean, My Lover
Non Accidental Events Lead to Intentional Good-True Story
The Soundtrack of My Life

Odds and Ends
Eggplant by Train
Friday’s Follow for Inspiration
Online Poetry Magazine Submission Alert!
Atticus Books: Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Opinion Articles
Media, Massacres, and Madness
Men, Supersize Me, and Pornography (Trust me, don’t let the title scare you away.)

Photography or Really Pictures of my Cat
Feline Fridays: Meet Spunky
Wordless Wednesday: I’m Up For It

No Surprise Amazing Grace
At Your Risk
Love Letter Found
A Moment in a Blink
The Lost Minded Heart
It’s not Poetry to me
Asphalt and Inheritance
If Walls Could Talk


Holloway Part One

As I was putting this list together it occurred to me that I was actually creating something more than just a somewhat newsletter type offering. I was actually showing myself what work I had done over the week. This let me know if my focus had been where I wanted it, and also helped show me where I was in my thoughts and life.

I believe these are all of the things I published this week, minus a video or two or reblogs.

Much Respect,


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