RonovanWrites Week(IN)d Review

RonovanWrites Week(IN)d Review

Writing 101 has been a breath of fresh air and a cesspool of rank fumes. On the one hand I am renewing a lighter side of my writing at times and meeting different and amazing people, while on the other…I’m wading through things I don’t want to know again.

Looking at my work over this past week there have been some ups and downs. I do like the fact that I’m not afraid with different formats and topics. Everything is a learning experience and nothing is a failure as long as you take it and move on.

Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips: Curious about where your ‘view traffic’ is coming from?

Blogging Tips: Why is no one reading my articles?



Jacob: Chapter 1 Part 1

Blue Socks

Tears do Fall you Know



Flash Fiction




My Friday Follows for Inspiration



The Most Interesting Person I’ve Met This Year is…

Maw Maw’s Lovin’

Feline Friday: Missing Kitten

A Father Leads You Through This World…not just brings you into it.


Opinion Articles

I’m Not THAT Man

10 Forgotten Male Solo Artists of the 1980s

Free the Nipple? Hmm… This is an opinion piece giving my opinion of the Scout Willis publicity event recently, not her actions but the general topic itself.


Photography (With a touch of humor)

Wordless Wednesday: Wake me When the Editing is Done



Odd One Out

Beauty Triumphant

At Your Risk

They Too Shall Pass-Mara Eastern #314 A Depressed Family

Brown Eyes

Nonsense and Such: Music Scales and Lakes Sub-Par-Nonsensical Poetry?

Could of been cut! one choice-my life

The How of the Consonant Vowels-The Block of Writers

Superstitious of a Day

My poetry Tears at Me

Three Word Wisdom



Fixing a Hole by the Beatles

See Opinion article 10 Forgotten Male Solo Artists of the 1980s (Includes 10 videos)

Friday Night Videos Flash Back: Suzanne Vega-Luka


Writing Tips

Writing Tip: Observation Lounge

Writing Tip: Streamlining your Scene

Writing Tips: Getting the First 50 Pages Right



Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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