A Mother of a Letter

A Mother of a Letter

by: Ronovan

I had no idea how it got there but as I slid to a stop on the trail I could do nothing but stare at the giant M.


Looking around I made sure there were no cameramen lurking about ready to punk me as I bent over, hands on knees and sucked wind from my run. My first thought was college prank, but no university around had an M in it. But it was obviously the letter from a sign.


I stood upright and started walking around the mother of an M. That’s when I saw a tag taped on the side with an address. Would have been great if it had been a phone number, but there was nothing else to do but to phone a friend.


“Al,” I said.




“Look up an address and give me the number for it,” I said and read the address to him. I stared at the letter with narrowed eyes as he gave me the information and then disconnected.


“You liar,” I said staring at it.


I dialed the number. “Walmart, this is Krista, how may I help you?”


© Copyright-All rights reserved-RonovanWrites.wordpress.com-June 06, 2014.

23 thoughts on “A Mother of a Letter

  1. Ha! I’m beginning to catch on to your humor. Right after the first sentence, I thought… he’s gonna twist this into seeing the letter upside down; it’s a W, I just know it.

    Snap! and it worked. Cheers to you.

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  2. The university town where I live has a huge M on the mountain that people hike/run/pant/push/pull their way up to. I’d leave a photo if I could.

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