My Thirst For You

An excerpt from a novel I am currently revising. The words are those of the leading man writing to the woman he loves during a low point.  I am finally embracing writing Romance and Love that I have been avoiding writing in novel form for so long. The book was written last year, but has been marinating since then. Now I am ready to make a go of it. Wish me well on this journey.



2014 © Copyright-All rights


17 thoughts on “My Thirst For You

  1. O! wow! Where is my copy?? This is really really good. I generally don’t read so much romance but I will read this…….


    • The male character is very much my voice and thoughts about things. The beta readers have said they definitely hear my voice in it and they like it. And they like the unusual way it’s done, or more unique perhaps.


      • Oh I agree with them. There’s nothing better that using your own voice and thoughts as they are unique to you. Thinking and writing like you are somebody else has its problems but I always think that there’s at least a tiny part of you in what you write when writing as if you were somebody else.
        Having never met you in person, I could tell just from what I have read on your blog, that it was your voice coming through.


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