How do I forgive?

ron_ballgame_blackandwhiteI wrote another article today about forgiveness and then had a conversation about can forgiveness be given to those of different ideal than I have, a different faith.

I want to make a few things clear about forgiveness as to how I look at it.

  1. The person we forgive is not the one that benefits from our forgiveness. We are to forgive to help encourage them to move on, but by doing so we also make ourselves better people in the sense of a) giving what we would like to be given, and b) doing what is right. And I do mean that the Bible says to do so.
  2. The Bible says to forgive not so that the other person is a receiver of forgiveness from us, because they do not need it to be who they are, but because we need it.

Yes, I am a Bible believer, but I’m an unusual one. The Bible tells us, Christians, what God, Jesus wants us to be like. Did you know we don’t have to, as Christians, be any of those things in order to receive His gift to us of salvation. A lot of people think that Christians have this indoctrination thing going on. The truth is, most of us learn as we go. I did. No church until my 20s. And we know we can’t be perfect, just seems like others can’t think of that.

But as for forgiving others not like me? A person is not brought into this world with bad on the brain. There are influences and circumstance throughout a person’s life that turns them into what they become. So yes, I forgive and I love. You know we prosecute a  murdering rapist and even possibly execute them. Do we go after the influencers that led him there? No. The act is horrible but the commonality is just as vile s it influences others as we speak.

Does that mean I forgive everyone? Yes, so far. I see the flip side of things .I believe there is more at work in the world than what we see.


Much Repsect



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8 thoughts on “How do I forgive?

  1. Here is the problem Ron, No not a problem with forgiveness – I 100% agree with what you say on that… the problem that you have also mentioned in your post but touched on only briefly….

    Christians are expected to be perfect! Who in this world my friend is perfect? I tell you – no one. We are all equally sinful. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!

    It’s like so you are Christian, then you have to turn the other cheek if I hit you. So you are Christian, you have only clean and pure thoughts. So you are Christian, why don’t you sell all your belongings and give the money to the poor?

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    • True, and many take scripture out of context such as the turn the other cheek. I will do a post on that perhaps next week. But it’s impossible to be perfect and as for our thoughts, even though we may study scripture and pray and live in the light of God every moment, thoughts happen, It’s what you do with thoughts that matter. One may look on another person and see they are attractive, but do they act on it is what determines if it is a good or bad thing, and even then forgiveness is for all not just for something we as a people should or should not be forgiven.

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  2. I’m not a Christian or a believer of any sort, but I agree with one of the points you mentioned. Forgiveness may be difficult and it may take time but it ultimately makes you a happier person. Stewing in a cesspool of anger, bitterness and hatred is not a way to live.

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    • Exactly. A lot of what the Bible says, if you go off of what Jesus said is just a lot of common sense things that some people have twisted over the years. Really what Jesus said is good for everyone as just a basic life idea, even if not taken as a religion. Kind of like the 10 Commandments from the Old Testaments are a good rule of thumb to go by.

      Much Respect

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