RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge Rewind #8


RW Weekly Haiku ChallengeBadge provided by DazzlingWhimsy.


The prompt words were Rage & Flammable.



Click the blog names to read their Haiku.

We had a wide range this week with not only great Haiku but great presentations as well!


Kate of Dazzling Whimsy : “Sounds like a short tempered man with no control over himself.”-Me on her blog.

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Dazzling Whimsy


Cyril of Cyril Bussiere : “. . .  a certain sexual element where love is not essential I would imagine . . . “-Partial of my exchange with Cyril on his site.

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Hugh of  Hugh’s Views & News : “Mmmmm ….. I know the feeling, Hugh. Wonderful how poetry captures emotions so well. I love this haiku, Hugh (hey … that rhymes!) I wonder if Toby writes haikus? 😀 “-Maria Brinkley of Maria Brinkley, artist.

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Colleen of Silver Threading: “Holy wow, Batman! I am speechless.”-Me on her blog.

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Faith Unlocked : “You are true to your theme. “-Meredith of Meredith’s Musings

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The Qwiet Muse : “Fabulous! Each one is full of deeper meanings! Bravo!”-Colleen of Silver Threading.

And yes, the over achiever did even more.


K. S. Fause of : “Very strong and powerful – one that pushes its way straight to the front of the mind. “-Hugh of Hugh’s Views & News.

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virgobeauty or virgobeauty’s blog : “Oh no . . . I think my heart just stopped.”-Me on her blog. I swear I nearly cried over this one. Cruel woman she is.



Meredith of Meredith’s Musings : “🙂 Very nice. I think we all can identify with this one.”-Me on her blog

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Florence T of Rambing On : “I love how the fire renews the forest analogy. What a great haiku!”-Colleen of Silver Threading.

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Florence T



Becca of on Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea : “Unrequited love! The lonely feeling of hearing that one dog’s cry. Excellent. Deep.”-Colleen of Silver Threading.

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Battered Wife Seeking Better Life- 7 people clicked like on the comment where I placed this entry. It was a Haiku placed on Twitter in response to the prompt. Please click here to visit and follow her blog.

His flammable rage
Sears in to my very soul.
Relief when she is cold.

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Ruth of Mad Meandering Me : “I love it 🙂“-Crooked Tracks There were many great comments. You NEED to see what people said. AND THIS WAS HER FIRST HAIKU!!!!!

I liked both of her photos so used both of them. 🙂



Wren (Phoenix Tears Healed) of Written on Pavement : “Your words were like following a path. Nicely written.”-Silent Kim of silentlyheardonce.




Elke of WRITINGINDEVIZES : “I love it. A story of sorts. And a dragon. 🙂“-Me on her site.




T.A. Wyatt of Finale to an Entrance : “almost like a volcano about to erupt”-Me

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Much Respect




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5 thoughts on “RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge Rewind #8

  1. Thank you for the “shout out”. This was my first attempt at participating in these Haiku challenges. I see other post them on Twitter all the time. I guess #8 stood out to me because of the prompts. I hope it’s okay if I play catch-up. I’m working on 1-7 now. Maybe I can actually get the hang of this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of course. This coming week is a little but umm…different. A little girl picked them out and well, she thought she would be funny about it. Me and my promises, but I made a promise to use them and so, I’m doing it.

      Liked by 1 person

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