Between a Rock and Harder Rock: A Mom’s Life.

Meet Kate of Dazzling Whimsy. I’ve known her for years and well, it was time that as someone has called me “Uncle Ron” to have a talk with her daughters. So what better place than their mother’s blog, right? By the way, if you ever read my article about Marfan Syndrome and Beautiful ‘M’, that’s one of Kate’s daughters.
Much Respect

Dazzling Whimsy

A mother is someone who does it allKate

She’s there whenever her girls take a fall

She isn’t appreciated like she should be

Even though the trouble she goes through is plain to see

I was going to write a poem about a mother, but after starting this is as far as I got. My mind drifted because a poem tells a story but not always in a direct way. Since Kate isn’t here right now I thought I would let you guys in on a little secret.

She rocks as a mom.

She works all day teaching special education and then works all afternoon and evenings, well often for her the gym her daughters competitive cheer for. She has pretty much killed herself over the course of time doing it all. She does it pretty much all on her on too.

Kate's Girls

She has great daughters, really they are like…

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