20,000 Views and Announcements!

Thank everyone who has visited my site over the past just under 5 months and bringing it to . . .



I wasn’t going to do this when it happened a couple of days ago but I decided why not. I know a lot of you have more than I do but I truly never thought I would have my work seen this much.

I thought I would take this as an opportunity to go ahead and announce a few things. I wasn’t planning to until just now.

I want to tell everyone about my new site,


For now I post Author Interviews here on RonovanWrites and on LitWorldInterviews starting last week, but eventually they will be housed on LitWorldInterviews.

I am just waiting for the following to increase to make that fair to those who are agreeing to interviews. What I am hoping this grows into is a place for interviews with . . .

  • Authors
  • Agents
  • Editors
  • Publishers
  • And anyone associated with the literary world


Also there will be Book Reviews, although that is not my specialty, there is a book review there now but we’ll see. I may actually bring on help for that part, especially for some of the umm more interesting books if asked to review them. You know I am the shy and innocent type. If I don’t find the time for it , well . . .

It is a challenge I’ve placed in front of me to grow another site. I still haven’t really grown this one. But I really thought RonovanWrites needed to be where my writing is a home to, like it was intended. I enjoy the interviews and and the lit world so I decided to unclutter RonovanWrites by starting another site.

So Follow



I also want to invite everyone to follow me in a few other different places.

(I wasn’t going to do this either until just now.)


I really would like to see my facebook page grow. I post some articles there plus humorous video clips and an occasional poem that doesn’t show up on RonovanWrites. The more it grows in support the more I can do with it. I have a pretty header photo. No, it’s not of me. Sorry. Yeah, you know who I’m looking at.



Bloglovin’ for RonovanWrites

Bloglovin’ for LitWorldInterviews



Much Appreciation to Y’all, New Friends and Longer Friends.


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