Message in a Bottle











Do you see it
Can you know the sides
If it is all so simple
Can you mark the divides

Is there a day
Without a night
Or a wrong
Without a right

You focus on the dark
You should see the light
Can you know what is hope
You have never fought the fight

Of course you can know the love
Without ever knowing of the hate
Your heart can be filled with a joy
Without it ever being to lost or late

Look for that light out upon the sea
Hearts beat high when tossed about
Notice one side is dark as the night
Hearts look to the light shining out

Big love peace always and always

Ocean at Night
Long & Luxe © Original Photo by Allison Marie

 Inspired by this photo by Allison of Long & Luxe back in July. I wrote the poem the next day after I asked if I could use it.




2014 © Copyright-All rights

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