Just accept and shut up!

Why do I have to accept?depressed_woman_black_white.jpg

Why do I have to take it?

Why do I have to bear the burden?

Why do I have to face it!?!


Why does my happiness not matter?

Why is everything I do so wrong?

Having to pack your yell’s into my heart!

Letting the hurt build up until I explode!


I start to focus on myself

And you complain.

I’m such an egoist





While I wilt


Like a dead flower

Rotten in your eyes.

Forever having to except all that you dish out

Never being able to express myself

Or complain.

Because you sit

You work long hard stressful hours

And I am selfish

And not what

You expect me to be.


Just Kind and caring

Guess it does not matter

Because I will always be

Nothing in your eyes.



~Anonymous 1~


I received this poem from someone who wanted share it but had no place it could be shared. I think you can guess why. It was an honor that this person felt comfortable enough and trust me enough to ask me to put it on my site. I think whether you are male or female in a relationship you can identify with this.

The tags chosen for this poem are mine. I am sure there should be others but the important part is the poem was shared.

Much Respect



2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved by ronovanwrites.wordpress.com

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