Do everything in love. My Sunday thought for today.

My randomly generated Bible verse today was 1 Corinthians 16:14

“Do everything in love.”-Paul to the church in Corinth

It is always my custom to then go and read the surrounding verses to get the context of the message. If you visit the verse today you will see it stands alone and does not rely on an explanation from any surrounding verses. But there is a message from all of those verses.

Paul was telling the church that he wanted to come and that he was sending others until he could but regardless if anyone of them were there or not they should . . . do what?

“Do everything in love.”

That pretty much sums up how we should be and how I TRY to live. I try to live that out here on my blog and to those I encounter through it. Do I fail at times? Oh yeah! But I TRY.

It doesn’t say to do this thing or that thing in love it says ‘everything’. You see if you look throughout the New Testament you’ll see that doing in love is a key. If true love is guiding you then you can’t go wrong. This isn’t the ‘in love’ love. Or the ‘love of power’. This is ‘love of what is right’. For a Christian that ‘right’ is the words of Jesus.

You know we look at the writings in the New Testament and there are so many arguments about it, but just go to the words of Jesus and see if things are backed up by what he said. “Love your neighbor…” remember that one? Not love that neighbor on the left and not the one on the right.

This is a pretty simple thing that if we all thought and lived by would make the world a lot better. It wouldn’t even matter what your beliefs were, just simply love. For those who might be thinking, “But I don’t believe in what the Bible says,” well, I kind of think “Do everything in love” is a pretty good thing. As I’ve said many times before, whether you believe or not, the words of Jesus and those words inspired by him are still useful to everyone’s daily life.


Much Respect & LoveRon_Hoodie_HeartRonovan

(See? I got a little heart love action going on.)


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7 thoughts on “Do everything in love. My Sunday thought for today.

  1. “well, I kind of think “Do everything in love” is a pretty good thing.”

    Yes, it is a pretty good thing. I’ve struggled with it lately. I’m very angry and frustrated these days so it’s a lot of work to come from a place of love but I’m trying. I wish everyone could live by this simple idea.

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  2. I love this (as always) but have to point out one contention in the most loving and respectful way (you know me!) “My randomly generated Bible verse” For me, nothing is random–everything has a purpose and meaning, even those things that appear random to us at the moments we are living through them 🙂 I know you believe this, but I had to share 🙂 And love, of all the subjects is truly never random–love requires a choice. And, your writing you share always has meaning–as this did and does. Thank you for sharing! Love & Respect – liz

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